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Hey! All of the covers have the same title? The name of the holiday is the subtitle or nah? All of them should be joyful AND spooky? Can you find an example of what you have in mind?


Title: Madness
Subtitle: Stay quite and calm. At all times.
Author Name: Rivvett
Genera/Theme: Suspense
Summery: There is a place, it is said, where people go mad. Not regular people, but mad people that seem to get madder. And they die there. Not physically, but in every way, shape, and form that constructs a person into a person.

And the mad people, less mad than the madder, fight to hold on to their tiny sliver of sanity, just for a moment, to hide in plain sight, among the normal people. There, they work and play and eat and drink and fight the battle inside just for a little more time away from the madness.

You can see it sometimes, if you look hard enough, in the way some people hide in the shadows of a broken down ally, or mumble to themselves on the streets or constantly look over their shoulders in fear of something that you, normal people, cannot see.

But the madness follows them and mocks them and it’s whispers flit past their ears telling them to be calm and stay silent. At all times.

But the madness is mad and just like a song it will sweep you off your feet and dance you straight into the place where, it is said, the madness’ demons watch and wait to play.

Images/Ideas: I was thinking maybe a black background with a spotlight on an empty surgical table. Something clean but kind of creepy.
Thank you!


I love them both…idk of she’ll be blonde or otherwise either. Thank you :blush::blush::blush:


I am sorry if I wasn’t clear. I want it to be just one cover. The book itself is a collection of short stories about those three holidays.

So, it’s one book called Happy Holidays

Basically, I want the cover to have images that depict those holidays, for example carved pumpkins, christmas tree, hearts, roses etc.


You’re welcome!!! <3


OOOOOOH right! hahahahah ok!! I thought it was a series


@Gadsdy @eleeflee accepted and added to the queue
@Rivvett I’ll see what I can do!



Hey, Laura! Here is your cover, I hope you like it ^-^ let me know your thoughts!


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Hey! Here’s your cover! Let me know your thought ^-^
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Could you have the font straight. I don’t really like it curved. Hope that isn’t an issue. Sorry. Also could you change the author name to Lara Ann Lee


Done :smiley: check your delivery!


It’s perfect! I love it. Thank you. Will give credit when I post the story Friday night.


You’re welcome <3 ok!


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Is it alright if I request later night


Title: A Whisper of Night
Subtitle*: The gate has been opened and only one can close it.
Author name: megswriting
Genre/Theme: Paranormal/Thriller
Summary: To the people of tiny, scenic Willow’s Crest, the Harbinger is a beloved and hallowed legend. According to the stories, the Harbinger rises on the fall equinox and defends the living from the vengeful spirits of the dead that rise in its wake. To Stella, Willow’s Crest’s self-proclaimed paranormal investigator, the Harbinger is nothing but stories. Ever since her father died while investigating the legends of the Harbinger, she cannot believe that it’s anything but a story. However, when the gate opens, darker spirits thirsty for revenge begin to haunt Willow’s Crest and there is no Harbinger to subdue them. It’s up to Stella and her team of paranormal fanatics, Nick and Jase, to find the Harbinger and send the spirits back to their world before they destroy life as they know it.
Images/ideas*: A dark-haired girl (either modern or historical) in a cemetery or ghosts in a forest/by a weeping willow tree/by a lake. Maybe a haunted mansion during a storm? As for colors, I can see either gray and blue, or black and red!

Thank you so much!


Title: the boy with a cherry blossom tattoo
Author name: imtotallynotokay
Genre/theme: romance, lgbt
Summary: It all started with a tattoo… a cherry blossom tattoo to be more exact. Then everything blossomed from there.
Images/ideas*: I was thinking of possibly having a guy with a cherry blossom tattoo on the cover or a guy with short dark hair in front of cherry blossom trees.

I hope you have a good trip and it’s okay if you don’t get this done until after your vacation and you’ve relaxed.


Was that the cover?