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I am in great need of cover, anything would help xD

Title: Macabre Marmalade
Subtitle*: -
Author name: Lewis I.G. Walter
Genre/Theme: Science Fantasy / well urban fantasy but I like to call it science fantasy xD
Summary: This is the summery I use but I might change it soon xD

Three hundred years have passed since the return of magic and the great war that followed. The Earth is still very much a colossal mess. Meet Todor Corpus, a regular average guy transported into this strange future. He just wanted to make internet games but in this new world of magic, there is no internet. A horror scenario for a man such as he. So Todor decided on the most logical thing he could do, he will bring it back. And vampires, mages, and elves can go to hell.
Images/ideas*: I was thinking of something like this:


But less evil looking palm holding the book xD and messier hair and less fancy clothing. I don’t know how much of that is possible xD


Could you make Feather the same font as the other words or make it completely straight. Sorry OCD. The other one is completely perfect!





I REALLY hope you like these :tired_face:


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No problem!! Glad it finally met your expectation ^-^


Do you want the guy to be holding a book as well? Can you provide me the picture you want me to use? I would look for it myself but I wanted to make your cover today since it’s the last one and I’m travelling in a few hours but I won’t have time to search for it plus edit it /:



I hope this is fine for you. Let me know.


Very different from what I imagined but nice overall


you are amazing
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I’m so excited to see what mine comes out like. These are so awesomely done :tired_face:


I PMed you!! I tried to make the fragmenting effect but I couldn’t make it :pensive: let me know if you would want something different or if you don’t want at all. Anyway, I won’t have time to male it today so only when I get back… again, so sorry!!!


Yayyyy so happy you liked it!!!
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Title: The Great Beyond
Author name: itstracycara
Genre/Theme: comedy/ fantasy
Summary: Elle White wakes up in a room unknown to her. When she meets a man called Raymond who proceeds to tell her she’s dead and is to be sent to The Dark Place for her actions on Earth, she needs to find a way to The Great Beyond. Teaming up with her fellow Darkers, Elle tries to navigate her way through the winding alleys of The Dark Place which Satan so kindly created.
Images/Ideas: maybe two contrasting pictures to represent The Dark Place and The Great Beyond? idk


i’ll probably be requesting from you from now on! thank you again!


I’ll be waiting! You’re welcomee!!


Like I said on my announcent, I’m only gonna be able to edit again in 10 days. So your request is accepted as long as youare willing to wait. Thank u!


Omfg that’s okay! It’s totally fine without the effect. I was wondering if you could still send what you did have? Your covers are so amazing honestly I don’t mind that one thing not being there!