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I actually didn’t do anything cause I didn’t know you would want x.x also because I was at work soI was in between work and editing to make everything today so was gonna wait for your response to do something else. If you don’t mind, I can make yours when I get back!


I’ll definitely wait :)) and enjoy your trip! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Title: love her, if you dare
Subtitle*: this is a secret, can’t be exposed.
Author name: aditi jain
Genre/Theme: fanfic/light
Summary: Annabelle Rose White, an American, on the land of British people, wanting to start her story all fresh again, trying to forget her past, she’s a girl with potential, she cares, she wants to be loved.

In Britain, a new story awaits for her, with two popular boys of the school, Zayn Malik and Harry Styles laid their eyes on her. She was a deal to them, they had to love her, if they dared.

Images/ideas*: - selena gomez, in the middle (smiling), zayn malik on the right (serious, mysterious) and harry styles on the left, (smirking). both are looking at her. - above, zayn and selena, and below, harry and selena. - below, selena gomez and zayn malik and above in the boxes, selena and harry (happy) selena above, smiling. Below Zayn and Harry, smirking or worried, with anything related to london in the background. selena in between, while zayn worried, on the right. And harry smirking in the back, looking at her on the left. Or vice versa. above, zayn and Selena as a couple and below selena and harry as a couple. Two parts of the cover, selena with both the boys and then in between, the title.


Sorry, I was a bit busy and haven’t visited the forums. I am in no rush so whenever you have time, be it a week or a month xD About the picture, I’ll look for something.

EDIT: And yeah, holding a book xD So sorry for late reply, again xD


Thanks a lot but i’ve got it :slight_smile:


I love it!! Thank you!! But is there any way you can make it a little less cartoon looking??


Title: The War On Rogues
Subtitle: Book II
Author name: menagerie12
Genre/Theme: werewolf/romance
Summary: Alpha Nyl and the surrounding alphas in the area have declared war to get the females back into safe hands.
What are the Rogues planning to use the females for? Ransom? Bait? Something more…?
Images/ideas*: something along the lines of two wolves fighting

I understand you’ll be busy, and I’m a patient person. Take you’re time; I’m in no hurry.


Title: The Cursed Lamb
Subtitle*: Upon her final breath
Author name: Lindsey Ussery
Genre/Theme: Fantasy/werewolf
Summary: Being thrown to the wolves is a death sentence.

Adalia knows that all too well, since she witnessed her own father being slaughtered in that same unmerciful way.

Living life as a meek slave in a kingdom full of royals, Adalia has no rights and is treated no better than dirt itself. So when she’s accused of a crime she committed out of fear, she is punished.

Her sentence?

Being thrown to the wolves.

But things are not as all as they seem in a world oblivious to the hidden creatures around them…

Images/ideas*: The setting is a castle sitting in a frozen land. Lots of snow, frozen forests and dark themes. Colors should be on the darker side, like black, dark blues, etc. My ideas would be a young woman with red, wavy or straight hair (doesn’t matter) with blue eyes looking innocent and holding a sword that shows half of her face. In the reflection of the sword could be a wolf’s face. The wolf is a dark auburn/brownish beast that should fierce or intimidating looking, the eyes are an icy blue
^ ^ Something like this.

But, if you can’t do that, then I was thinking like a dark castle in the background, the sky is grey and in middle ground there is the girl with red hair running and looking back at the auburn wolf that is facing her. She would be dressed in a long, floor length rag looking dress because she’s a slave. Again the scene would be snowy and cold looking.

Honestly, I’m fine with anything, I’d prefer it to be manip but other than that, any other idea you have in mind, it would be fine. :slight_smile:


Title: sweet creature
Author name: imtotallynotokay
Genre/theme: Fanfiction
Summary: it’s kind of a story about when Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were kids and first met then it ends with them running into each other years later. But Harry’s mum tries to trap him in this castle like place and doesn’t let him go off the grounds.
Images/ideas*: I was thinking of having Harry styles either looking out of a castle window or walking around a luxurious garden. Then maybe have the title in purple and pink.


I’m back!! I will update the queue and answer everything in a few!


@Snirion do you have a photo I can use? I didn’t find one that fits what you want.


What do you mean?


Are you too backed up for me to request :slight_smile: I don’t wanna put any more pressure on you.


You can request, no problem!! You would be number eight in the queue


@ohnonerissa, @snirion (waiting for response), @itstracycara, @noFOOKINidea, @menagerie12, @littlelindsey, @imtotallynotokay are accepted and added to the queue!


Title: Trinity

Subtitle*: Inspired by Tomb Raider

Author name: Lara Ann Lee

Genre/Theme: Dystopian/Romance

Summary: 3000 years ago an artifact was stolen from the embassy in Beijing, China by Trinity, An organization that specializes in stealing artifacts.

Images/ideas*: I was thinking the background could be dystopian-like or something with a Tomb. I would like Emily Bett Rickards on the front with a bunch of trees and what not surrounding the tomb or dystopian background. Some pictures:

Thank you


I was wondering if you could redo it and I want to see what you come up with with full control! Like something creepy and cool! that would be amazing :slight_smile:


Title: Blood Lines
Subtitle*: the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack
Author name: Julia Rae
Genre/Theme: werewolf romance
Summary: no summary yet, still in the process of writing and perfecting story line.
Images/ideas*:a girl walking into the woods with a wolf or maybe sitting with wolves (picture attached if possible to get rid of wolf skin and put alive wolf there instead lol sitww


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