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are we allowed to make request, more than once?

Title: love, hate and other filters.
Subtitle*: My love is yours if you’re willing to take it
Give me your heart 'cause I ain’t gonna break it.
Author name: aditi jain
Genre/Theme: fanfic/light
Summary: zayn and sophia, two opposite people, hate each other with all their love, but with all the other filters, they care for each other.
Images/ideas*: zayn malik and selena gomez, lights in the background, happy…looking at each other. (You may look at my current cover) zayn and selena hugging. Background can be of paper and then zayn and selena laughing. Selena laughing and zayn admiring her. Maybe, vectors of Zayn and Selena, standing against each other or doing something cute, like this. /

Inspo : / /

Selena gomez : / /

Zayn : /

Also, this is for my other account’s book, “until you” i want to change the title.


I changed my account name btw, it used to be dogfilter


I really like it! Thanks! I’ll be using it.


You’re welcome and tks, happy you like it :kissing_heart:


Title: All Our Lies
Subtitle*: n/a
Author name: Salem Keating
Genre/Theme: YA Fiction / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

It is an era where those with abilities are oppressed. They are tracked and tagged, and with their every move documented, society deems them monsters that must be watched. To the people, they are feared, for their powers render them less than human.

To the military, they are assets. As such, they are secretly enlisted and trained to use their powers for the country.

Lee is an ordinary university girl – or that is what most believe. She is in reality one of the best soldiers in the army, what with her phenomenal track record and powerful ability. She is tasked with keeping the peace while simultaneously searching for the leader of a powerful underground group known as ‘Vici’.

And why does Lysander, a boy she’s just met, seem tied to everything she knows?

Images/ideas*: This , this , this and this are some ideas. I know they’re a little incongruous, but I guess I’m looking for something that seems simple and bold. If you make something similar to the last, the main character, Lee, has dark auburn hair like this, but has greenish-hazel eyes (btw that’s Lily Collins as the model in that photograph).


Title: To Be Remembered
Subtitle*: Not Applicable
Author name: Emry Austin
Genre/Theme: Genre is Action; Theme is War
Summary: After leaving the most trusted person in his life for the war in Afghanistan, Darrell Walker was put into Echo Squad while being lead into one of the heaviest areas of the war with his battalion to retrieve a very important person from inside enemy lines, except the operation not going as planned.

Darrell Walker and Nikki Ann Pierce were similar to what you call childhood sweethearts, until the day he left for the war and they had lost all form of contact. Nikki, thinking of the worst and that he’s gone. Forever.
Images/ideas*: A marine in desert camo with sand dunes behind him while he holds an AR-15


☆ D E L I V E R Y ☆

Here it is. I couldn’t find resources to make the first idea so I did the second one. I hope you like how it turned out! Let me know your thoughts


@salemkeating interesting book! Accepted and added to the queue!
@EmryAustin also added to the queue!!


Thank you so much for accepting my request! Can’t wait to see what you make! After looking at the others that you’ve made I’m really excited to see how my cover turns out!




☆ D E L I V E R Y ☆

Hey, tracy! Here is your cover. I so hope you like it <3 I put the halo thinking of how she thinks is unfair that she was sent to The Dark Place and want to find her way to The Great Beyond. But there’s an options without it if you think is too much. Let me know!!



Here you go! I made a few variations :sweat_smile: hope one of these is what you were looking for! Let me know ^-^ and could you please delete the pics on your request comment? tks


They look amazing thank you



Here’s your cover! I hope you like it. Let me know your thoughts!!


Perfect! I love them!


Title: Of Love and Faith
Subtitle*: The Cassidy Chronicles (This is book one in a series)
Author name: Madison Kunzler
Genre/Theme: Historical Fiction/ Romance
Summary: When Jacob Cassidy returned from California to his hometown in Iowa, he was expecting to move into his childhood home and farm and settle down from his cowboy life. But when Rosie Farnsworth’s cornsilk hair catches his attention, all his plans seem to go down the drain. With her brother fighting their love at every chance, and with questions of faith plaguing the cowboy’s mind, will he and Rosie be able to make it work?

Images/ideas*: This is set in the 1800s, and is a little western, so it just has to fit that time frame.



That’s what I could manage to do… I hope these are better fit for your book!


Hey, is my request accepted?


Do you have a pic you want me to use for the couple on your cover? I search for it but I couldn’t fin anything western 1800s cowboy/girl looking.


Oh, sorry. Yes, it is and it’s on the queue already!