Venting to a Wall (Feel Free to Vent Here Too, No One is Allowed to Judge Here)



Hi I’m Sam (you can call me Alaska, that’s fine) and I enjoy memes and being alone contemplating my insignificance (or you know… daydreaming about stuff)

And once in a while I bash my head against the keyboard and post it here as half-decent word vomits called stories

How’s your day going?


pretty good trying to complete a chapter of my book


I’m frickin tired as hell! Came back from college, haven’t studied yet, I have motivation to write but instead procrastinate. I’m soo tired


ohh what’s the book about?


that sounds tough man. Maybe you should try a power nap?


I want to ;-; maybe I will
Thank u


Post bombing! Okay, so I usually don’t like to vent. Since this is a free-for-all sounding board.

I’m tired from all these mass duplication “new follower” notices on my feeds. I had one person follow me 9 times with the same timestamp. Obviously a technical glitch, but seriously, 9 times! It’s playing with my heart-strings too much. I can’t ignore a big, bright, red dot. It has that “clear me” vibe all over it.:pensive:

Okay, that’s my peeve for the week. Now onto cheerful adventures with my cat who is pawing my Link amiibo off my desk. Bad kitty!! :scream_cat::pouting_cat:


gasp kitty! Don’t yell at kitty. Kitty is nice


Caught the amiibo before it hit the floor. Now I’m patting kitty’s head. Of course I can’t stay mad at her. She’s my avatar after all XD :grin:


Kitty is good. I love kitty :3


Yep. She just wants some attention. Can’t be mad knowing that. I spoil my baby.


what’s kitty’s name :o




Minnimoo. It was her name when I picked her up from the shelter. She’s a rescue pet.


Good job!


i’m melting that’s so cute!


currently singing loudly to 50 shades ost with the house full instead of writing



complete with choreography guys so DANCE WITH ME





I want a cat