Venting to a Wall (Feel Free to Vent Here Too, No One is Allowed to Judge Here)





Boy I sure do love it when agents get all adamant on twitter about how queries should be ultra-personalized, but then they respond with “dear author,” rejections.

Or misspell my name in their rejection. :rage:


I told my close friend Ann that some person she sort of talked to was saying things about her that Ann apparently told them (not true). I knew this because I heard it on the grapevine and am not fond of my friends being gossiped about.

Well, now I think by telling Ann I’ve created a chain reaction sort of mess and I am concurrently editing my book and damn I am so much like my MC I should’ve just kept quiet.


damn, high school drama for you, right?


High school drama for me too. This one kid in my class who bullies me said a offensive joke. And people laughed.


damn, I’m sorry.
I’m in high school too, fudging hate it-cant wait to get out.
I just stay quiet and blend in with the crowd and get left alone

But then there’s always that one guy who wants to get to know you…


ugh, I’ve hit rock bottom once again, I feel so low and frustrated at myself for not being able to change


Well no one will laugh at you on this thread


It’s ok. We all go through tough times


Thank you :), I just feel as if I’m on this roller coaster with the steepest of dips and highs, and I just want to get off.
It’s not fun anymore


ironically I was on a rollercoaster a few days ago

I know how you feel but understand this, what you’re going through now will end one way or another but it will never be the last. I don’t want to scare you but that’s what life’s made of, happiness and sadness. And you can learn from them, break free and discover yourself. But it’s your choice, you have free will. Ain’t that amazing? You have free free will, although there are someone out there who doesn’t have it. Use it wisely.


I need a wall.


To punch?


Oh wait… right sorry




Go get’em


it’s just gotten to a point where there are too many drops in this roller coaster whether it be a part of my experiences in life or when it comes to self improvement.
“I go from high highs, to low lows”
Quote sums up my life in general.


Girl me too


We’ll pull through,
we always do


That’s the motivation most people should have. Good job. You reached this far, it proves your strong enough to push on further