vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



I’ve never had a shop by myself on wattpad so we’re just gonna see how this goes. Oh and vexatious means causing annoyance/frustration because that’s the state I’m in when I can’t figure out how to make covers. It’s fine.

Only rules are do not request if you have requested for the same thing from someone else; give credit; and though you can remind me if I take too long on a request please don’t be rude about it. And I’m allowed to deny a request for any reason, but not necessarily have to explain it. Also you can’t request if you intend on using it with something that makes money since I don’t use my own images and don’t always use free stock/royalty free images.

no payment because I don’t even know what I’d want in return yet .

Credit is not payment and it’s still required, either in the first chapter or the story description.

Probably my best examples ever :
and more i guess too:

cover form:
anything else:

*everything on the form is technically optional to fill out but generally the more information, the better

waiting list if you’re curious:


title: Rose Uit Sy Tuin

subtitle: –

author: Michelle du Toit

mood/genre: dark romantic/beauty and the beast inspired

faceclaims: –

pictures/ideas: I’d like a brunette girl on the front, please don’t show her face, the background can be black or textured, and please add red roses in somewhere.
Sumthin like these maybe

summary: Erika has always seen the good in everything around her, even people, her trusting nature has so far only brought happiness to her and her family.
But when her brother is suddenly on trial for something he didn’t do, Erika finds herself struggling to see any good in her lawyer neighbour who won’t even consider helping them.
He’s a beast inside and out, and still she wish she could just see him smile once.

anything else: If you could, please use the same colours as my character banners


I’m gonna try my best to get the colors right, but accepted. I’ll get it done as soon as I can.


Thank you so much, if you want you don’t have to match colours it’s not really like neccesary…


Hi! I saw some of you’re examples and loved your style. Hopefully you can help me make a cover cus’ I need the help lol. I’ll follow you as payment? I would feel bad if I didn’t do anything in return.


title: Disconnected
subtitle: (in small text?) This was a hunt for the truth
author: conteurr
mood/genre: mystery murder
pictures/ideas: I imagined just a hand laying there, not too far away is a phone… behind a simple white background. A good example is the Heather’s Musical Poster.

  • wont let me add link… you’ll just have to google “Heather’s Musical hand poster”, lol im sorry.

summary: Sarah killed herself. Instead of a suicide note she provided a will. Sarah’s best friend received her brand new phone. Yet the phone revealed a gruesome truth: It wasn’t suicide that killed her best friend.

It was murder.

Sarah knew her fate was coming so she made a scavenger hunt that would reveal the truth, reveal the murder. Her phone was the only map given and the instructions were vague.

Each clue given lead to a location, and every clue was directed towards one person and one person only. Only that person would understand, and it was Nicolette Turner’s job to find them and finish this scavenger hunt before the murder found her.

If Sarahs phone connected to internet or a hotspot, then you found the right location and the next clue. As Nicolette digs deeper into this dangerous scavenger hunt, she realizes that this wasn’t just some game.
This was a hunt for the truth.

anything else: have fun with this!! do what you think looks good… its a realllyyyy simple cover, I just want it to be eye catching and don’t want to feel overwhelmed. I really do like you’re style, so I trust you. I’m also not in a rush cus’ I’m not posting this book anytime soon lol… so take you’re time!

have a nice rest of your day!


okay accepted and like i said nothing is really necessary for payment but sure i guess a follow is good
and i love the heathers musical so i think i know what you’re talking about haha


here it is:
don’t forget to give credit!


title: In Order to Rule

subtitle: All rise for your new Queen

author: Deja Little

mood/genre: Werewolf/ Fantasy. Mood; dark, mysterious, medevial

faceclaims: My main charcter is Janet Montgomery from Salem

pictures/ideas: Perhaps either of these pictures of her; 6303737f4c19101df1e2c57b22b53e381f35338c_hq 81346c03a77e7a5138cf7ce07606ae80--salem-season-


And maybe a castle or town layout blended in since it is set in medieval times. Can you also make her eyes like golden or even a glossy white since she a goddess and her eyes turn white when she conjures her powers.

summary: After a tragic massacre, poor Lilian was left orphaned. By some miracle the King decides to take her in and let her work under him. The longer she stays near the king she cant help but fall for him. But is the king ready to give in to love or will greed and power fuel his actions towards her?

anything else: Please add Book One to the cover somewhere. Also could you use dark colors and maybe add an embordered background (if its not too much if it is then don’t worry about it.) Cant wait to see what you come up with.




It’s gorgeous thank you so much!!


Yay! Can’t wait to see it


Here you go, I kind of came up with three versions:
Don’t forget to give credit!


Hello !
I’m sorry to interfer with your requests @somestarstuff, but @spongeboblover123 had already ask for a cover for the same book (In Order to Rule) in my shop yesterday… I’m little bit disappointed, because I did it and she said she was fine with the result… I don’t think it’s okay to go see many designers for the same request, because I know it takes a lot of time to make a cover.
Have a good day !


I agree with you completely and I’m sorry about that. On an almost completely unrelated note, I just looked at your shop and your stuff is beautiful.

So I’ll have to deny/cancel your request, @spongeboblover123, since you did already request and receive a cover for the same story at @sinadana’s shop and you didn’t follow their rules.


Question - if I requested on another thread but the thread is closed, does that count as requesting elsewhere?


If not, I can request elsewhere.


Hi, this isn’t a request, but just merely a question.

my question is: how do you make your covers?? Especially this: i like the font especially it’s spaced out and shit, but i tried to make a cover like that (not plagiarizing) and it looked all weird! I’m trying to make aesthetic covers but they don’t turn out right.


I’m going to say no it doesn’t count if they denied your request/will not do it.

But maybe make sure they’re closed as in not doing any requests at all anymore and not just like closed temporarily but will do all the requests given first.


Okies. I may just delete the post :slight_smile:


Those ones specifically I mainly was focused on the coloring so I was playing with the adjustments, so that’s why the text is so simple.

I usually just pick a random sans serif font (I have so many that look similar but are slightly different on my computer, but in that one the font is baron neue I believe) The spacing on the text I just play around with, usually with just one word with the settings however I had it last (or I might adjust it if it doesn’t work out), and then the other words I adjust the size and spacing differently so they look somewhat aligned. Then I use the select tool stuff to put them in the center.