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I do have other stuff to do, so I might not have a lot of time to do it again, but honestly if I happen to find a picture that would work better for it I might just do it anyway and send it to you. glad you like it anyway!


Yeah thats completely fine. Thanks so much


Form- Vector
Title- Tasting Hope
Subtitle- Hope is frail; but hard to kill
Author- LtheSlyther Puffs & Two Others (Anyonomous)
mood/genre- Genre:General Fiction mood- somber but with a somewhat muted sense of light or happiness
Faceclaims- None
Pictures/Ideas- Possibly two of the people standing on one side with like, idk, a crack coming down separating them from the other person. I’d like it to pretty simple but what inspiration has you do. I just know that I would like to keep it far from chances of copyright infringment, so no pictures not labeled royalty-free, if possible.
Summary- Two agencies-one created for good purposes, the other for bad. Being born to agents of the good condemns you to a life of captivity at the hands of the evil. Mackenzie & her twin brother Michael are two such kids. They were allowed four years with their father, before being whisked away in the night. As they grow older, they began to divide. Michael chooses to begin the path which leads to joining the organisation which holds the two hostage, but his twin sister holds still in defiance. This leads her to cross paths with Alexandria, Alex for short, who also refuses to give up the beliefs instilled in her. The two girls experience hardships, but against the odds, make an attempt to freedom.
Anything Else- I just want to thank you in advance. If you do not feel you have time for this cover, or are not feeling any creative inspiration for it, I completely understand. On the other hand, if you decide to help me with this I will be very excited because I am confident you will produce something beautiful. And again, thank you for spending time helping others!:heart_eyes:


i don’t know if the pictures i use are royalty free; i try to get most of the pictures i use from stock photo websites (usually unsplash), so i can definitely try to just use that website only when finding pictures.
also do you have any preferences for what the characters look like so i kind of know what pictures to look for? like in terms of age, hair color, skin color, etc? if not that’s okay too i’ll just pick some random pictures


Thank you! I actually do, probably should have given you that information, shouldn’t I have? :sweat_smile:
For Mackenzie- Red hair, Age- 16, eye color doesn’t matter (whatever image you find that’ll work the best is the one that works for me :slight_smile:)
For Michael- brown hair, Age 16, any dark eye color.
For Alexandria- blonde hair, blue eyes, Age 17-18
All of them are caucasian.


I’m gonna be honest something about it is throwing me off and i can’t figure out exactly what but here you go! I hope you like it:

better link
Let me know what you think!


title: Angel of the Dead: A Nico di Angelo fanfiction
subtitle: ?
author: me(sorry) @IShipSolangeloKlance
mood/genre: um…really, really angsty af sometimes violent, mostly sad, Alone, lost, confused, hurt, vulnerable…just negative emotions
faceclaims: ???
pictures/ideas: there are tons of fan art for Nico, especially Viria, oh my gods they do beautiful art
summary: well…I really just wanted someone who isn’t dumb like me to slap my title on to my cover, but your covers ARE SO BEAUTIFUL :heavy_heart_exclamation: I’ll take anything really, it’s got to be better than what I have :joy:
anything else: please don’t use a real person’s picture? Idk it just feels weird, Imao the fanart is way prettier anyways

Please and thank you!!! :heart: I’ll put credits in ALL CAPITALS, BOLD, AND ITALICS if story descriptions let me


thank you so much!




sorry, denied! I don’t really have any ideas for it (and actually I feel the opposite about using fanart vs photographs for covers lol)


Okay! Have a great day :heart:


howdy! I was wondering if you could make me a cover again? You’re honesty amazing at it!!
Title: love is like drugs (have the title in cursive?)
Subtitle: he was addictive (In small font)
Author: conteurr
Mood/Genre: Love story… turned dark. Romance
Faceclaims: none
Pictures/ideas : Make it simple and eye catching…maybe a girl smoking or drugs scattered on a table also have fun w/ it !!
Summary: “He was like a cigarette for me, I knew it was wrong… I knew that he was only going to hurt me in the end. But just like smoking a cigarette, it made me feel happy.”
Anything Else: you’re covers look amazing. I trust you and have fun w/ it! Do what you think looks best… Also, I’m in no rush. Take you’re time! if your busy, I also understand… your cover shop is booming! Nice job !! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Title: Evolve
Subtitle: To Forget
Author: Lime Jackson
Mood/Genre: Adventure\ Action\ Dystopian-utopian era in the future
Faceclaims: -
Pictures/ideas: feel free to conclude something epic (I’ve seen many of the covers you’ve made and they’re beautiful so I trust your judgement)
Summary: 1. Man’s greed for power and dominance has always been the reason. The greatest proof of this is the Era of the inhumane, barbaric World Wars which sent mankind scuttling to unite their numbers to avoid extinction.

Limited to a small area in - what was once known as - Western Europe, a new civilization awoke: The United Kingdom of Mekar. Divided into seven sections plus the Royal Capital of Orbis. The most brutal, yet efficient, way of survival where ‘To Forget is To Evolve’, with it the past has been demolished with ferocity to avoid another uprising, another risk at extinction.

Emilia Adonis, a 25 year old woman from Hell-Bay, the most discarded section of Mekar has been chosen by the King to represent her section in The Versency - the royal race that takes place every time the king or queen of Mekar dies. The greatest event in the history of the Kingdom where death becomes your constant companion with the final line either being your ultimate death in the most gruesome way, or the throne of Mekar.

With the fate of a thousand Hell-Bayers resting on her shoulder, Emilia strives to reach the throne and end the period of negligence that loomed over the section ever since its formation (due to the fact that no Hell-Bay contestant has ever won The Versency). She teams up with Zain and Hailey Hill, twins from Hell-Bay whose future is also dependent on the throne. They all face problems igniting between them along with the trail of mercenaries and royal beasts unleashed on the contestants.

  1. After the era of the inhumane, barbaric World Wars, the human race on the verge of extinction, limited to a small area in western Europe, a new civilization awoke: The United Kingdom of Mekar, consisting of 8 section and the Royal Capital of Orbis.

A brutal; yet, efficient government where "To forget is to evolve" is the motto.

When the King or Queen dies, the Versency, the royal race where a single competitor from every section, with the perfect qualities for the throne: Being intelligent, charismatic, lovable and untouched, all compete over winning every section’s acceptance before reaching Orbis in the span of 3 months

Emilia Adonis was chosen to represent Hai-Bai. Now called ‘Hell Bay’ after years of neglection since no competitor from the section made it to the throne. With the fate of thousands resting on her shoulder, she strives to reach the throne with the help of the twins Zain and Hailey Hill from Hell Bay with way more problems to face other than other competitors, beasts and mercenaries.

Anything else: well I guess you get the main theme from the summary but if you need more info you can tell me! <3



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