vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



So I was stupid and just realized that I put the title as Vector when it’s actually ‘Tasting Hope’ So yeah, I did a mental face palm, and wanted to tell you before you spent alot of time with the title and it ended up being the wrong one. :man_facepalming: One of these days, my dumbness is gonna catch up.


ok got it! and actually you did technically list “tasting hope” as the title but for some reason “vector” is next to form and i got it mixed up. thanks for telling me before i did it


Yeah sorry, my mind was most likely on other things. :roll_eyes:
I did have one more request, though. Again, if it’s denied, thank you for doing my other. :smiley:

Title: Ideals
Subtitle- This queen doesn’t need a king
Author- LtheSlytherPuff & VioletVice01
Mood/Genre- Bright, it’s a werewolf story so also a bit mysterious. Simple with a bit of fluff but not much.
Faceclaims- None
Pictures/Ideas- Another cover where I’d like royalty-free images, simply because getting sued would not be fun. I thought it might be cool to have the boy and the girl back to back facing away from each other, but it is up to you. Appearance wise- it doesn’t matter. I’ll cast based on the pictures you choose. If you can, it’d be nice for the woman to look wise in a way and the boy to appear annoyed or irritated. Again, it’s up to your jurisdiction as you are the one working. :slightly_smiling_face:
Althea Harper had ideals. And she followed them as closely as one would follow their parents most important and highly-stressed rule. The one she regarded most important however was an unwritten rule - family comes first. But’s she’s an alpha. So, it’s better phrased as- pack comes first. Even before her own mate-who’ll come to cause many complications.

Kaiden Porter has ideals too- when he finds his mate he’ll bring her back and she’ll become luna. It’s tradition, and tradition is followed. Except life isn’t a perfect picture and he never expected her to be an Alpha. Another tradition-Alpha’s are always male. It’s quite simple. After all, who’d expect a male to become a luna? Now what is he supposed to do?




Thanks so much!


title: Forever Autumn

author: Mirajane-the-shipper

synopsis: when the most silent, Unknkown, and completely forgotten get missing, that is where I come into focus. I, for the first time in my, have felt a rush of killing the one person that ruined my life-


for no one knew how or why I went missing in 2012 on a cool, nice day, on a Saturday night in Chicago, Illonois- this is when I was no longer the silent person I was known to be.

mood: huanting-scary like, romance, sickly

pictures/ideas: maybe have the girl in a redhood 'cause she died in it hehe, only have half of her face showing, make her smirking. make it simple, yet eye-catchy over all, have fun with it! lol

faceclaims: Rachel Gelmis- or anyone else that is a female, has auburn hair, blue eyes,
and freckles. (she’s the only one on the cover)

anything else?: have the words on the cover go hand-in-hand with the dark background, so like light and soft colours. Also, make the title in cursive.


here you go! I hope you like it:

better link for downloading
Let me know what you think!


Thank you so much! It’s just what I wanted! I’ll make sure to credit you! :heart_eyes:


title: Anchor


author: emily

mood/genre: young adult/supernatural

faceclaims: Dylan Sprayberry

pictures/ideas: this is a teen wolf fanfic and it’s going to be a romance with Liam Dunbar(Actor: Dylan Sprayberry) so I’d like a picture of him on the cover, preferably from season 4. I was thinking of this pic of him and maybe add more smoke surrounding him but make it subtle if that makes sense?:
Then I was thinking for the background, kind of just match the dark tones of the image I linked.

summary: Amelia Stilinski had always known her brother and his friends were up to no good, and yet, she still helped them whenever they asked for her help with vague reasons. It wasn’t until she was tasked to ask new student Liam Dunbar to what was supposed to be a fake party when her eyes were opened to the impossibility.

anything else: your covers are so great, I looked at all of them and wow, you’re so talented. thank you if this get accepted!!


@Mirajane-the-shipper accepted!
@xbatmanrobinx sorry, denied!


thank you so much!! Can’t wait to see it!! :blush:


can I ask why I was denied?


I don’t have a lot of inspiration for your request that’s creative


oh, okay. thanks!


not exactly what you asked for but I hope you like it (there’s two):

Let me know what you think!


here you go! If you like them, let me know which one you use!

another link to download


honestly its better than i expected, its soooooo good omg, im genunally happy, thank you sooooooo sososososoo much but is it possible to make the first letters of the title upper case “This Isn’t Normal” like so?


Sure. Which one? because I’d rather not edit both


i hope you like it! let me know which one you want to use or if i need to make any changes!
link to download


Hi, I’ve made a cover for my book but I’m not too sure about it, I don’t feel like it looks enough like a book cover. I’d like something similar with the samecolors (blue and yellow).
There are references to van gogh in the book and the mc is a painter herself.
Thanks so much!

TITLE Therapy sessions of an almost functioning human
AUTHOR : Besma Abdallah
THEMES : humor, depression, love…
SUMMARY I’m starting this story where this girl tries to make her way through life while trying not to take the absudity of existence too seriously. Tell me what you think about it :wink:

"-I had a horribly busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Fair enough."

Here’s a little quote

I waved at her and made my way down the stairs and through the glass door of the bulding. I closed it, feeling the cold handle on my fingers and the crispy winter air engulf me in a warm embrace.
What a lovely day not to commit suicide, I thought to myself before heading to my house.