vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



The quality and time you put into is ridiculous. It’s amazing, I know these are free but you deserve a follow. Your work is exquisite and you’ve blown me away. Cues Applause :clap:
I love them, thank you so very much.:heart_eyes:




Title: Extinct Galactic
Subtitle: -
Author: Lime Jackson
Mood\genre: Scif-fi\ Fantasy
Faceclaims: -
Pictures\ideas: Well the main characters are a species of alien. They look exactly like us but they have metallic glittery skin (silver\ grey), their eyes are black sclera with small white dots that resemble stars and their hair is various shades of purple, red, pink and black (it’s like their hair is a window overlooking a galaxy) so it would be really cool if you try to make one on the cover (no need for the skin and the eyes, just the hair will do) An example of the hair: 95780965-256-k871112
Summary: After the gravest mistake in history made by the mighty Council of the Universe. The Galaxy of Pratham, creator of life, is dead while Death lives on.
Anything else: the story is still not on wattpad, it’s a draft. I know it’s very difficult to do but I am hoping that you can! and I guess since the council plays a huge role in the book, here’s the description of the council room that might give you some inspo
"The cylindrical room with seemingly no ceiling or floor, where rows upon rows of podiums were aligned in the dark against the walls, each adorning the glowing symbol of its speaker. "


I used the second choice and credited. Thanks again!




title: The Drug Dealer
subtitle: n/a
author: imtotallynotokay
mood/genre: fanfiction
pictures/ideas: either one with andy biersack walking through a dark park (alternative for andy is him in either a prison uniform [maybe crying] or looking like a detective) or Michael Clifford looking sketchy
summary: andy biersack is a detective put on desk duty and Michael Clifford is a drug dealer who no one’s ever ratted out and the police have no idea who he is or his real name. The two meet and slowly fall for each other.


sorry denied!


title: shine
subtitle: none
author: raenbee
mood/genre: romance, fluff, short story/novella
faceclaims: none in particular, but i do have inspo on my vision board linked below.
pictures/ideas: i want it to be yellow, for sure, and relatively simple. if possible, i’d like you to work flowers in to the cover. it doesn’t have to have either of the leads on the front. i have a vision board here:
summary: a florist pines over one of his customers for months before finally working up the nerve to ask him what he does after he leaves the shop. they spend the day together walking around oxford and getting to know each other.
anything else: nope!


Hey, sorry to bother you but, do you have any new information about my cover for my book, “Forever Autumn”? If you do, please, dont hesitate to private message me on Wattpad for any information regarding it :slight_smile:, thanks again. Xoxo, Mirajane-the-shipper


i’m probably going to finish it by next tuesday (maybe before depending on how busy i am and how fast i get through other requests)




Oh okay, thank you!!


here you go! i hope you like it!

let me know if you want me to make any changes :grin:


So, I was looking at the wait-list to see where my werewolf book was on there and when it was expected to be finished and was pleasantly surprised to see it is logged to be finished on my birthday! Coincidences are great, haha.:heart:



Please reject if this is not okay for you, I understand.

title: The Gates of Horus
subtitle: What if Ancient Egypt survived to this very day?
author: Neil Sharma - gold font please - similar to the cover of Alex Rutherford - not as too similar, but you get the idea.
mood/genre: Historical fiction/thriller.
faceclaims: What is this?

With the Gates of Horus, what I’m envisioning like this:

Night sky as the backdrop.
Ra, Anubis, and Horus. Ra in the middle, Anubis at the left, and Horus in the middle.
Below there is a battle background like this:

Except you have warriors(like that warrior staring at the Taj Mahal duking it out),204,203,200.jpg
And this is what the battle of Kadesh(One of the main points in the novel) will be like:…1…1…gws-wiz-img…0…35i39j0i67j0i10i24.xeFecKrnI3E#imgrc=lv-iMhxbQjtrrM:

And we have fire flakes just spread around the novel.


The second image with the night background, desert etc - def would love to see that.

But instead you get to see their faces assembled like this:

Further images are added below for inspiration.…1…1…gws-wiz-img…0i30j0i8i30.SL3bqUXx3Sk#imgdii=-s0YsXu_DTuV-M:&imgrc=zHZQvfXtZQwNKM:
Yes. I will be specific.…1…1…gws-wiz-img…0i30j0i24.gJPZU01KopQ#imgrc=L8Auw6y-SmDm3M:

It def must feature an Egyptian background.,0,182,268_AL.jpg

At 0:25 you can see the Ancient Egypt setting.

At 1:39 do you see those fire flakes? I don’t know what to call them but they would look nice. While Ancient Egypt can do with a gold setting - it would be better if it had deep ocean blue marble background.

A time travelling person from Ancient Egypt changes the future.
anything else: Not much?


Here you go! Feel free to ask me to redo it because I feel like it’s missing something or something’s off but I didn’t want to leave you hanging when I said I’d finish it by today (plus i’m not exactly sure what it’s missing so if you have suggestions that’d be great), but maybe that’s just me. I hope you like it:

link to download


accepted probably gonna stray a bit from your description but I’ll try to do something similar
also for reference, faceclaims are like celebrities that represent your characters so I can put them in the cover, but you won’t need it because you’re using the egyptian gods as your characters so I’ll just find illustrations of them


Do it as you want - But literally just go crazy all over this :grinning:

Plz do add in the small soldiers like in that Rutherford cover - otherwise, thanks for accepting and I would say take your time. No need of rushing - I’m eager to wait. Please inform me when done.



Like honestly I don’t mind if you edit it for another few days! I am, after all, still waiting for another one of your amazing covers!!!
Like idk if that’s possible (if not, it’s 100% okay) but the main characters wear black, worn-out clothing (sometimes with leather) so if you can replace the girl on the cover with another wearing this type of clothing, it would be perfect (but at the same time idk because the font color matches the current girl :joy: What a mess!!)
If you notice that something is off, you can edit it and I can receive it with my other book on the 17th :innocent:

ALSOOO!!! Can we make ‘To forget’ a little smaller? Because it looks like it’s part of the title rather than subtitle


Hi I like to leave a note that you never made me my cover since last year but I never pressured in asking you because I knew you were busy, so I hope you keep in mind XD love to see more of your work and no ill intended to this writing.