vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



Nice covers. I especially like the Evolve and the Lioness ones


oh i’m so sorry! I didn’t realize i skipped yours. I’ll do it next, sorry again.


its totally fine I can’t wait to see what you made for everyone else <3


here you go:

sorry again for making you wait so long!


I like the cover but my characters are teenagers anyway thanks so much to means allot that you took your time to make it! as always I hope to see more of your work!


Ah sorry about that. It’s pretty difficult to find pictures of gay couples that fit what I’m looking for. Good luck with your story!


ikr I always have problem look for a specific picture can a silhouette work instead? and that it have a red color on the chest representing the heart idk if this is asking much >.<




here you go; i think these turned out better than the one before but still let me know if there are any changes to make :grin:
There’s also one with just a heart just because i thought it looked nice haha



omg I love it <3 thank you so much


how cute!! :smiley:


Hey!! So I’m entering the Open Novella Contest on Wattpad and would love to have a cover for my book as soon as you’re able to make one!!!

title: The Second Coming

author: B. Rosen

mood/genre: Thirller / Horror

pictures/ideas: so I know I suck for not having a solid picture or idea so here’s some random ones? Um…dark setting, pretty girl, someone without a face, really anything to symbolize that she’s only half alive right now. (but she’s kinda losing her mind in a way so like you know those videos in spoopy movies with the head shaking really fast???) Honestly, You’re a great artist from what I see and I love when artists take creativeness with it. I have total trust.

summary: I’ve heard it said once or twice, that purgatory must be worse than hell if such a thing exists. It must be when you’re left in between everlasting happiness or never ending suffering, but no one really knows for sure. No one actually knows what happens after death except for Death himself who’d confirm your suspicions; purgatory is, without a doubt, worse than anything you could imagine in Hell. So when Lucille Parsons loses her life at just 22 years old and ends up in a timeless loop of nothingness, she craves a way out. Anything is better than nothing so when Death himself chooses Lucy to participate in a challenge, she accepts the invitation. What other choice is there? The catch- whoever succeeds the game of morality gets their life back. A clean slate right where you left off. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and besides, what could be worse than purgatory?

anything else: so the summary is very rough but basically she dies, goes to purgatory, and Death is offering life back to the people he chose so long as they complete tasks. And the tasks test their morality and it’s really dark shit she has to do. Also… THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE YOUR WORK IS AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!!


hey just to let you know i’m probably gonna get to yours tomorrow even though the waiting list said I’d do it today (the 14th). I did try to do it but it ended up being kind of weird looking so I’m just gonna start again from scratch tomorrow. Sorry about that! (on a different note, happy birthday lol! sorry I couldn’t get you your cover!)


No, it’s perfectly fine! Take your time- the good things in life are worth waiting for. :heart: And, thank you!


accepted but i will probably take a while (i just got off break so i need to space out the time i take to do requests) so i don’t know if you need it soon because it’s in a contest.


title: Death’s Daughter
subtitle: n/a
author: @leannamattos
mood/genre: dark/fantasy
faceclaims: n/a (no faces)

pictures/ideas: I looked at your work and there are a few that jump out at me that I really liked! I love the idea of having a border like on the over for ‘this isn’t normal’ because I think it really pops and adds a certain element for fantasy. Since the cover I have now is grayscale, I think it would be very cool to have a silver/gray border around it. Maybe in the middle and interlaced with the title, there could be a dagger or a sword or something like that, since the main character’s job revolves around weapons like that. Overall, just a dark cover with a bold title to captivate the reader.

summary: Dagen Navyre is a hunter of Nightshadow Camp, one of the three that protects the kingdom from a dangerous threat to the humans, the trolls. While trying to win the yearly Trials, Dagen is reminded of her past with the trolls, what they nearly did to her, and what she hopes to prevent for future generations.
She will be the squad commander once more if she wins the Trials, obeying the queen commander’s, her mother’s, rules around every turn.
Dagen’s focus remains on the Trials until she meets Larken, a warlock destined to protect the very trolls she’s hunting. She can’t help herself as she’s enthralled by him and his annoying, yet charming personality.

anything else: You’re very talented! I love the covers you’ve created :slight_smile: Thank you for considering!




btw I’m probably gonna have to shift everyone’s request by like a day or two bc I keep falling asleep instead of doing my homework. Sorry about that


Hi, if you have time could you make a cover for me? I’d really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Title: A Queen’s Demise
Subtitle: -
Author: katee0writes
Mood/genre: action
Faceclaims: -
Pictures/ideas: A picture of a girl with long black hair, preferably not showing her face. I would also like a knife or knives and please add a small-ish blue butterfly somewhere too.

When Selene witnesses a gang murder, one would expect her to be dead. But instead, she was taken by force to the notorious Clan. A group known for its brutal acts of violence.

Perhaps Selene is just an innocent girl at the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn’t have anything to hide, right?


thats okay. Please, take as long as you’d like ^^