vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



oh thanks! I mean feel free to put your request anyway if you haven’t asked anyone else, and if it really is hard the worst i can do is decline it, but I’m usually up for a challenge. it does take me like two weeks before I start on a request though because I have so many right now. Even if you don’t, thanks for the compliment!


That’s okay ^^


Title: Shards of the Demon King.

Subtitle: -

Author: Crimson

Mood/Genre: Dark Fantasy

Faceclaims: -

-I’m thinking of a diamond, or any gem at all, as long as it’s transparent, shattered into ten pieces, with one of those pieces shining brightly on a black backdrop.

-For the title, I think it would look great if the title is white and was seperated into three different parts, like…

of the
Demon King

(with the “of the” being tiny in comparison to the words at the top and bottom)
and as for the font, I think the Spencer font would be good, something like this:

A girl wakes up in the middle of an unknown ruin, with no memories of what has happened, with no clothes, no weapon, no food, no water, and an uneasy feeling that there is something lurking about in these ruins…

Anything else:
-I’m not sure about the backdrop, but I just need it to be dark, so You can use anything that You think looks good for the backdrop as long as it’s dark and has a fantasy theme.

-This is My first time requesting for a cover so if I make any mistakes or I’m too ambitious with it, sorry, please bear with Me.


Hello! Is it too late to edit the idea for my story cover? If so then please ignore this, if not I was hoping instead I could have a cover with a collapse of city buildings that somehow incorporates a crown?

This doesn’t have to be the exact picture, it was just the first picture that popped up when I googled haha. As long as it doesn’t have identifying buildings from a specific city


Yeah i could do something like that




Thank You so much :smiley:


Hello! Thank you for considering making a cover for me. I’m hoping that you accept this :slight_smile:

Title: The Prodigium

Author: ItsBekahS

Mood/Genre: Romance dark fantasy with a mystery

Pictures/Idea: I would like it it was like the back of a black girl with curly hair kinda walking towards something. Half of her is engulfed in light, the other half darkness. Maybe walking down a crossroads of sorts.

Summary: Rowena can still see the blood on the carpet. Her mother was murdered when she was 9, and it still haunts her. She lives to find the demon behind it. She made a bond with a demon to keep her safe. 10 years later the demon wants to finish what he started. With each step she grows closer to finding what killed her mother and further from the light that guides her. The things she grew to hate will protect her, all he wants is her soul.

Thank you again for considering! :slight_smile:


Hello, @somestarstuff I checked out you deviantart and love your work, most professional covers i’ve seen so far. Are you still accepting cover requests?

Title: Retribute
Subtitle: none
Author: Mister Rabbit
Mood/genre: It’s a romance/thriller about revenge.
Faceclaims: None
Pictures/ideas: Dark colour schemes. I think a faceless man (preferably with really short hair) standing in the shadows would fit perfectly.

Summary: At 18 Louisa moved to New York city to get away from her overprotective and controlling mother. Now she’s 22 and has almost finished university when she meets Jacques. Almost immediately a mental and sexual spark is ignited, but Jacques isn’t all that he appears to be and seems to know a lot more about Louisa and her family than even she does herself.

Anything else: I haven’t finished writing the story yet and probably won’t for a while, so there’s no rush and i can wait for however long it takes :slight_smile:


Title: roommates
Author: J.I.Hazel
Genre: Romace (Bxb)
Faceclames: in the first chapter (A/n and characters) I have milo and Major pictured. Could you only use those two for the cover
Idea: something that says like there’s chemistry between them
Summary: Major Waterson, straight-A student and captain of the schools football team. On top of that he also has black hair and light green eyes, long story short: he has it all. Girls are begging for a bit of his attention and the boys either want to be him or envy him. He’s status is well known in school but one guy in particular doesn’t mind his status. He will pick a fight when he can. Milo Jones likes to say he’s good looking but with his dark brown hair and hazel eyes he doesn’t stand out much. His grades are crap but he couldn’t really care about that. Milo hates Major, after all the popular jock is bound to have heated discussions with the overall disliked stoner.

When Major comes across Milo sleeping in an alley he passes by coincidence he can’t leave him there. So he takes him home. But what should’ve been for 1 day turns in to 1 week and 1 week into 1 month. The boys discover that they have more in common than they initially think, a lot more. But when quick conversations turn into long ones. Something starts to ace in Majors chest. It also doesn’t help that Milo has been making a lot of sexual jokes. This can’t end well…
Can it?


@itsbekahs @MisterRabbit @J-I-Hazel
All accepted; it may take me about 2-3 weeks to start your requests though (long waiting list)


Title: The Dragon Son’s Apprentice
Author: Sarah Gilbert
Mood/genre: Historical fiction, dark and powerful.
Pictures/ideas: Not sure, I think I’ll give you creative freedom here :slight_smile:

Summary: Aksana is a royal guard in the Moldova court who spends most of her time enjoying the freedom of her families position as trusted and highly paid. During a surprise attack on Moldova, Aksana sacrifices herself as a prisoner of war in place of the Kings son. Over her stay at a Turkish national prison she befriends a guard Emery, as the two of them grow closer Aksana spends her time fighting for her life and negotiating the perilous courts of her life long enemy.

Anything else: Aksana is tall, lean with a muscled build. She had dirty blond hair and grey eyes. Thank you so much for considering me!


No problem, thank you!!!


title: The Fallen Star
author: Angel Kou
mood/genre: fantasy, magic, dark, romance, forbidden love, young adult

Kind of pictured the words of the title falling alittle
Come and enter a world that is unknown to many as much as dangerous.
What once was in the shadows no longer hides there.
Human hunter danger to the ones that don’t hid anymore from being known to the world.

Maia Odile is the daughter of vampire leader coven,Midnight Ancestry. Her deep wish for her four hundred years old birthday is to find her mate. Things change when the prince that rules over the most of the vampire territories of the mountain comes to see them. He makes a offer that is hard for her family to refuse.

Join Maia on her journey through tough decisions, meet the friends she makes and where fate has her end up. Will she ever find her other half?

anything else:
This is my first story and my first time requesting for a cover so if i didn’t do it right, I’m sorry


Thank you <3


@GooseAndMaverick @AngelKou4
sorry, denied! I just don’t have any ideas for your requests.


so sorry i’m late

also i know i had an idea for this before but honestly couldn’t remember it, so i ended up just trying to incorporate the colors and made simpler looking covers. i hope you still like them, but let me know if you want me to make any changes or do something different.
link 1 / link 2


Hey there,
it’s okay I don’t mind. Thanks for your covers
But I don’t feel like these covers represent the book.
Maybe you could make a few changes to the cover on the left: I feel like the colors lack a bit of intensity, also maybe you could change the font to something more playful like maybe script, something that feels handwritten but easy to read, I find this one a little too compact. And maybe you could change the background to dark blue in order to contrast with the “waves” and the yellow title or the other way around. And maybe edit out the black spot on the right corner.
Thanks again.


cover form:
title: Royal Pain
subtitle: N/A
author: Jane Gallagher
mood/genre: Light, fun, bright. The genre is romance.
faceclaims: Ian Somerhalder and Emma Watson. If you only want to use one I’d rather just Emma Watson if possible :slight_smile:
pictures/ideas: Here are some images of Emma that I like: / / (I don’t care for the black and white images in this pack, I mostly just like the one in color.)

If you can incorporate Ian then here are some packs that I like:

summary: When Raya Knight, daughter of North Castle’s royal family decides to ditch on her mothers oh so famous yearly gala, she finds herself being dragged to an illegal fight by her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend. What she didn’t know is that by the end of the night she would be somehow handcuffed to the leader of North Castle’s most wanted criminal. The leader of the local mafia.

Little does Miss Royalty know that Vitale Bianchi has it out for her family. In the days in which she is handcuffed to this mad man, how long can she keep the secret that she is none other than the daughter of the family he despises? And even when they are finally freed from each other, how is she to ignore him and the presence of tingles in her stomach every time she happens to run into him?

anything else: If you can get to my cover then thank you immensely, I understand you have a long waiting list!


okay. i can do that, but if you don’t mind I think maybe I’ll put off yours for a little longer and maybe read some of your story so i can get a better feel for it when making the cover. If you do need it sooner, I can just make those changes or i’m okay if you want request elsewhere.