vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]





Thanks. I’m in no rush don’t worry :wink:


I hope you don’t mind it being very simple

link to download


Not to be a bitch or anything but …

I think you forgot me or something? :sweat_smile:


oh no sorry! i mean to send another message explaining why i skipped yours but i guess i didn’t. I’m working on yours, but there’s a bit more manipulation involved. I got the person after yours done because it was simple. I’m working on it now though, don’t worry. :grin:


also @limejackson did you still need me to edit the evolve cover? that one I did kind of forget to do


Here you go:
I’m not sure if you can completely see the galaxy in her hair (it’s sort of there) because of the adjustments I put on top, so let me know if I need to make any changes.


No there’s no need to edit the Evolve cover since the more I look at it (which is a lot lmao) I fall in love with it more and don’t expect to see any changes in it because I love it and it’s beautiful so thank you​:heart::heart: I’m going to start using it soon!


Okay I’m going to be really honest with you about this one…

I am in school rn and I saw the cover and I literally started tearing up because it’s so beautiful and better than I could ever imagine! :sob::heart:
I fucking love it so fucking much​:heart::heart::heart: The fucking font! The fucking ceiling! The fucking clothes she’s wearing is nearly the exact same fucking style that’s in my head! Omfg!

(If you could make the space, the galaxies and the stars in her hair more prominent I’d be very thankful and they’re like various shades of purple, blue, pink, red, white and black! Thank you​:heart::heart::heart: AND OH OH IF WE CAN MAKE THEGIRL’S FACE A BIT PALER! :joy:)


Can you do a poetry cover?

please say yes


Yeah. Same as like for a story cover but just for a poem instead right?




Does it have to be published?




Title: Earthenia
Subtitle: A World Untold
Author: Mystique Shadow
Mood/genre: Fantasy, magical
Faceclaims: Nadine Lustre and Dove Cameron
I want something like this
Nadine lustre

Dove Cameron

Maybe you can find more appropriate pictures for something like this below



glad you like it! I could only make her hair more purple/pink and couldn’t really figure out how to make the stars more prominent but it does stand out a bit more.




i just noticed you wrote Ra and Horus as both in the middle. Did you mean one of them to be on the right?


im so sorry for the late reply, ive been a bit busy .
id like the one with the deer to be edited , thank you so much



Okay okay I need to get a grip on myself :joy: