vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]




Ra right, Horus middle, Anubis left.


Hey! Just checking in to see when the cover would be finished? I’m uploading here soon. Thank you!


Hi! i think yours is actually next or the one after the next so it’ll be in the next few days


here you go



here you go! i tried to combine a lot of your ideas for this
i hope you like it; let me know if i need to make any changes

link to download


I know this isn’t my cover but HOLY GUACAMOLE THAT IS A BEAUTY!!!


Many thanks! Looks awesome! I would just suggest a few minor changes. The three gods could do with a golden aura, the light where the tools fight could be a little dimmed, and the hieroglyphics can have a golden background combined with blue and turquoise.

Otherwise you have done a great job!!!


yeah i think i could do that. what do you mean the light where the tools fight? like around the middle where the title is?


Bascially the title - the soliders at the bottom - the light’s a little too bright, just want to lighten it up a bit


here’s what i could do. turns out I didn’t save all the way last time made it so the coloring adjustments are a little different than last time but it’s close. Also i tried having a “golden aura” thing but it ended up looking a bit too messy in my opinion so I just got rid of it.



The best thing is that you have made the cover exactly fantastic. I love it???


so I know the title is kind of small, it’s kind of a style I was trying because it looks kind of interesting to me, but let me know if you want me to change it (I know a small title doesn’t exactly work the best on the wattpad format)

link to download


Title: Pontifex
Subtitle: -
Author: Lime Jackson
Mood/genre: Crime\ serial killer\ psychological thriller\ action
Faceclaims: -
Pictures/ ideas: Well I just want the Santa Maria Del Fiore (Also known as duomo)Cathedral in Florence, Italy to be there and if you can get a man wearing a black trench-coat to be sitting on the roof (Not the dome!) It would look awesome but idk?
Like this was the previous cover made by me but you have done so much better in the last two that I decided to let go of my pride and ask you for help :joy: cover%20copy
P.s. if you can make the X look similar to the one in the cover like with a scar like that, it would be cool as hell!!

Summary: Xavier Pontifex: A man who has the looks, the charm, the strength, the agility, the wit and the reflex to rule the entire world single handed without failing. He may look like the typical person, with a normal job, but what he harbors underneath is much darker.
Being a professional killer, a hit-man, a serial killer that leaves no piece of evidence or trace behind, sending the world into chaos as they try to find out his identity, labeling him as ‘The Phoenix’ always comes with a price.
From the streets of Florence, Italy to those of New York, U.S.A. we follow Xavier Pontifex on his journey for self-comfort and ridding himself of the demons in his head, his own twin brother. Facing more conflicts than ever and realizing that the rule ‘Only a life can pay for another’ is much more than it really is…

Anything else: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh nope! But if it might help with brain storming ideas for the cover, the book is named Pontifex, similar to the world Pontiff which means pope! Xavier believes in no god but Death and he is the ‘pope to the religion of death’!





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cover form:
title: Until You Came Along
subtitle: -
author: KateAnnee
mood/genre: romance/ teen fiction. Mood: Romantic, fun, in love, carefree
faceclaims: none . character description: Penny Wilson has brown hair and brown eyes. Jake Bishop has light brown hair and Blue eyes.
pictures/ideas: a Boy and girl (Jake and Penny) laughing and in love. (Not on a beach or in water!)

Pictures I like

image image image image image image image

summary: Penny Wilson has been through hell and back. She was used to the taunts and glares but she never had gotten used to the pity. She doesn’t keep up with the trends or gossip and doesn’t know Jake Bishop.

Though when she finds herself replying to a tweet from Jake Bishop, an internationally famous singer, that her friends are obsessed with. She finds herself in a situation that anyone could only dream off.

Jake Bishop has been living under the spotlight since he was young. He had everything he would want, he had the looks, the charm, an English accent and the talent but he didn’t have the girl.

Penny doesn’t seem to fall for him, even with his looks and charm. Though the closer she gets to him the more she realises that Jake isn’t just a guy with an attractive face and a voice of an angel.

"I’m not the dream guy. Sure, I’ve girls yelling out my name every night I’m on the stage but I’m not your dream guy. I’m just Jake Bishop”

anything else: A simple cover please :smile: /quote]
Thank you in advance!


but just to let you know waiting rn is like a month


Sometimes I like to creep on your thread to see what covers you’ve made and they’re honestly so good.


lmao thanks
sometimes i do that to other people’s threads too


here you go i was planning on getting this to you yesterday but it took longer than i thought to manipulate the main girl and then i realized i got the title wrong

link to download
let me know what you think or if i need to make any changes


Hi again! Is it alright if i request another civer from you cuz i LOVE them so damn much :joy: (i understand otherwise^^)- anywaes, heres the info!

Title: The Demon Stitcher
Subtitle: none
Author: LuciNLima
Modd/genere: love, romance, adventure, thrilling, fun, funny
Faceclaims: none (just a sillohette of a girl)
Pictures/ideas: a ruby heart is floatung in the girls’ hands, glowing because she is in love. I would like to incorperate this as the heart:
The background would be black and the girl would be red, btw

In which a girl is taken away from her family from a world of humans to the world where shs belonged- The OtherVerse. That was where people with all sorts of abbilities and strangeness came together amd lived in perfect harmony, alongside people who understood eachother.

Alice Laylander was a eighteen-year-old girl who had lived co-exsisting with humans all her life, when, suddenly, someone cuaght her doing what an immortal did. Her limbs broke off and rejoined like magic. Since then, her mother has been skeptical for her duaghters safety, amd decided to lock her up in their house for the remainder of her childhood.

But what happens when someone knocked on the Laylander’s door and asked for Alice to live a very special family?

Astrid Opolis, the woman with the heart of a wolf and the body of a human was a eighteen-year-old girl who lived in the OtherVerse for all her life. What happens when Mr. Big Man tells his family someone was soon to be joining them?

How will they all react? Hiw will they come to terms with the new person? How will the new person come into terms with the Opolis’?

Anything else?: nope! Im fine with waiting a month for my cover, dont you worry yourself none, hun! The cover can be simple, yet a the same time eye-catching too, to make it easier on both parts! Thats all, have a great day~ Mirajane-the-shipper