vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



accepted but i may not use that exact picture since there’s a watermark on top of it, but i’ll try to find something similar


Okay, thanks!


EEEEP! I’m next on the waitlist and I’m SO excited. I’ve been coming by to look at all the beautiful covers you’ve been making. Again, you’re so kind as to offer your services! I’m excited to see what you do with mine next week. :smiley:


i love it! thank you!


Hello:) I have a series I’m looking to get the covers redone for. However, I would be needing them all to be done with you so the covers all have the same style…

It is a paranormal series about faeries. I understand there is a waitlist and I am unsure if you would be willing to do this for me. There are certain characters/themes I would like to see on the covers too (so each cover would need different images). My main concern with the current covers is that they need to have a ‘darker’ theme, especially the first cover. Please click here to view the series on my profile if you are interested (it’s The Faery Meadow series).

Also, I am kind of hoping there is a way you could show me an image of each character/theme before using it on the cover if you are willing to help me. I will be posting images and things for inspo w/ descriptions if you are interested to help me with this. Thanks for your consideration.


cover form:
title: Every Last Regret
author: Allie Dawn
mood/genre: Teen Fiction
faceclaims: Sabrina Carpenter (don’t have to use)
pictures/ideas: a girl unhappy or scared, with blonde hair, standing in front of a dreary looking medium sized house. Not wearing anything fancy, preferably showing her face. Meant to be the house where her parents were murdered. house | girl (just ideas)
summary: Brenna Duval is a like a leaf, blowing around from place to place. She’s been in five different foster homes in the past five years, each one worse than the last. The only permanent thing in her life is a list of all of her regrets, reminding her why she still wants to live. When a new family decides to take her in, it’s up to her to choose whether or not the sixth time’s the charm.
anything else: Thanks in advance!


@xLovEtoLivEx accepted

@lumtrexa normally I would say yes, but you do already have a cover made by someone so out of respect of the other designer I’m a little bit wary of making one. If they’re okay with me making one to replace it or if you still use theirs somehow (like in a chapter picture or something) then I’d be glad to make the covers you need (you’d still need to fill out a form though).


Thank you!!


If you’re up for a challenge, may I use you?


Depends? Can i have more info?


I can be very specific - if you want. c:

Here - I am going to try and not kill you.

Name: New Sight
Genre: Werewolf
Also here is the idea…

Title: New Sight
Author: Moi
And ideas…

So I was thinking perhaps the background can be dark blue because the setting isn’t very airy and light. I was thinking the MC would be standing in the middle facing the viewers (will provide an example of stance) as the moon behind her rises (I am thinking a dark grey or black moon.)

Description of MC: Dark brown hair ( mid back length,) two different colored eyes (one light grey-blue and one dark navy blue,) about 5’6, not really any sort of bust (very thin and always wears sweaters,) she has a full sleeve of tattoo’s on her right arm(though it shouldn’t be shown, or very slightly because the sweater should cover it up,) her hair would be in a loose brain (I was thinking normal or french braid,) she would be wearing a grey sweater (reference link below,) with dark grey or black skinny jeans, black small boots (link below,) and a little golden cover necklace(link below.)

Hair Style
Sweater idea
Pants Idea
Boots idea
Overall idea of the girl: [[I screamed when I saw this](file:///Users/AriellaStepleman/Downloads/Esme-Creed-Miles-in-Hanna-Amazon-Prime-Video.jpg) If it doesn’t load then use the girl from Hanna


i mean i could just do something completely different
yeah that’s pretty specific and requires a lot of manipulation and work since I can’t really use the pictures you gave (because they’re in like different positions… if that makes sense), so I don’t think I could do it to that level of detail. I could do something different (I was picturing basically the same description you gave but zoomed in to like chest and up and maybe not that sweater). If not, sorry about that, you could request somewhere else.

also i can’t see the link you posted at the end


yeah - I wouldn’t mind you trying that - if you can. :slight_smile:

And here - let’s try this.


So i tried to have a girl in it kinda like the equalizer poster but that didn’t really work out so I opted for a more simple approach, but I think it’s still pretty cool looking

link to download


I know I ask a lot from you like… a hell lot of times (sorry cries)
I kind of need something else :no_mouth:
You remember my book EVOLVE? Right?

Well… there are two books after it… Embrace and Eternal…
And I was wondering
you don’t mind
making like
another two covers similar to Evolve (with a few differences here and there)
To match the first?
awkward laugh

P.s. If you don’t want to, say it, I won’t be upset because I know how overworked you are and how much I request from you so please don’t be shy in saying no :heart:


title: Butterfly Critiques
subtitle: and more
author: Krystal J Smith (can you put “services provided by” instead of the usual “written by”)
mood/genre: Random, light, a help book
faceclaims: none
pictures/ideas: butterflies and flowers. . . I am just looking for something pretty
summary: it’s a book that I offer my services in.
anything else: I have very simpler requests. I hope that’s okay.


title: Butterfly Reviews
author: Krystal J Smith
mood/genre: Random, light, review book
faceclaims: none
pictures/ideas: butterflies and flowers. . . I am just looking for something pretty
summary: a place where I showcase my reviews
anything else: I have very simpler requests. I hope that’s okay.


title: Neon Gods
subtitle: N/A
author: E. Jones
mood/genre: Scifi/dystopian, dark,
faceclaims: N/A
pictures/ideas: Maybe a cityscape. It’s set in a cyberpunk-esque world. The main plot revolves around revolution, so there’s a lot of destruction.
For Strastor and his brothers, staying alive and afloat in the city of Calco isn’t easy. They’re known as Surplus. Worthless. Burdens on society and traitors to the empire, all because of laws put in place so long ago Strastor doesn’t know who to blame for it. Facing trouble from the law almost every day, he finally makes the decision to fight back, and the trio join a rebel group with promises of returning the world to a better way.
At first, it seems like the riots and violence on the streets are the only way to be heard, but as time passes Strastor realises things have never been as simple as that.
Meeting a peacekeeper’s daughter and seeing the world burn makes Strastor question everything he believes, but even he doesn’t know if it will be enough to save himself and the few people he cares about.


@Limejackson thats fine. I really dont mind having a lot of requests if people dont mind waiting (i kind of take the approach of one at a time so im not too stressed). Can you fill out two forms for each one?

@krystaljsmith sorry im gonna have to deny both of yours. i just dont have a lot of ideas for it and sometimes i overthink simple covers oops

@emilygjones accepted. I may have to ask you for some more information when i actually make it though.


I don’t mind waiting at all! I already am waiting lol plus Evolve is still not done so dw and yes I’ll fill out two forms