vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



Subtitle: TO RISE (in smaller text underneath that add “TO EVOLVE”)
Author: Lime Jackson
Mood\genre: dystopian\utopian, adventure, action
Face-claims: none
Pictures\ideas: Well I want it similar to Evolve evolve_wattpad_cover_by_somestarstuff_dcwrgho-fullview
Like same style. But instead of a girl in the center, it’s a man in his twenties with black hair. If you can use the same font when writing Evolve in the subtitle, I’ll be thankful as hell!! Also if you can do a little manipulation to one of the letters in Embrace like the O in Evolve?
Summary: A year later, Mekar is as vibrant as ever. Hell-Bay has risen from the ashes and it’s all thanks to Queen Emilia Adonis of Hell-Bay. Beloved by all. But it’s only one man whose heart she desires.
Back in Hell-Bay, Zain Hill is still not functioning with the guilt on his shoulders. With a brand-new circle tattoo on his hand – a sign of treason to his beloved – he strives to set things right by running into the open arms of death, back into the Royal Race.
Anything else: You’re amazing and I love you! (Also do you think we should make an entire different set of covers for the three books of Evolve? Like if you can’t make those?)


This is beautiful, great work


Subtitle: TO UNITE (in smaller text underneath it ‘TO EVOLVE’)
Author: Lime Jackson
Mood\Genre: Dystopian\Utopian Adventure Action etc
Faceclaims: none
Pictures\Ideas: Again similar to Evolve
Instead of girl in center. I would like both girl and boy (with the black hair yes) And Evolve is in the same font with the O too and if you can do a little manipulation like the O for ETERNAL? Maybe make the text green?
Summary: The rebels never dreamt of infiltrating the palace before. But it seems Izra Adonis had a lot more to say to that from beyond the grave. When Emilia Adonis finds the courage to finally open the diary given to her by the Nomads, the one her brother had written in her name, she realizes that there is a lot more to Mekar than what meets the eye. And it seems that complications never end since Zain realizes his past has always been intertwined with the Rebels. With Zain by her side, Mekar shall bow.

Anything else: :woman_shrugging:


can you kind of describe what your main character looks like so i can use her in the cover? (at least like, hair color and skin color.) Unless you don’t want me to put a person on the cover, but the idea I have for it in my head would have them on it


I hope this is what you were looking for
link here

this is probably the only request i’ve finished a day before the day i said i was going to finish it lol


I can’t actually find pictures of diamond/gemstone shards that I can use? Would it be okay if I use like glass shards? I could even have like important characters/symbols on certain pieces? (well theoretically, i could do this. I haven’t tried before, so like no promises but I think I could).
or if you have another completely different idea that’d be fine too.
if not and you’re really set on it being a diamond thing, feel free to request from someone else, just let me know (and sorry for making you wait like three weeks).


Can You use this picture instead?

The story’s actually shifted quite a bit so this picture could still fit.

and it’s fine, it’s not like I’m going to come barging in and demand for You to finish the cover immediately, I know this stuff takes time.

I’m a pretty patient guy :slight_smile:.


She has brown hair down to her mid back. I’m okay with a person in the cover but if possible I would like to not show her face. The problem is I haven’t found any celebrity that looks like her in mind because she’s super fit and more muscular, more like a CrossFit girl than a model. She’s white, more specifically Italian. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with or add.

When I say muscular, I mean along the lines of brooke wells


title: FREAKS.

author: amethyst storms

mood/genre: Fantasy, historical fiction (based on the 1950s), elemental and nature derived powers (my main character has the ability to control water), dark, YA.

faceclaims: I don’t have fcs but I can describe my main character for you.
My main character is tall, has a pear shaped body- so her hips are wide. She has a slightly pudgy stomach. She is light-skinned and has bushy brown curly hair.

summary: (it still needs some tweaking so bare with me lol)

The year is 1955 and Nada Johnson lives away from society.

Besides the peculiar ability she was born with, her mother and their lake-side cottage was all she knew. Nada has the power to control water. From droplets to seas, she was a gift that was cursed on Earth. Her mother, Ruth, protected her daughter from the monstrous mankind that lurked the streets. Out of desperation and hope, Ruth sends her daughter to a secluded underground facility, run by Charles Price. Price’s main goal is to rid Nada of her abilities, along with the others, welcoming them back to the hearts of the harsh society.

anything else: I would like there to be things that signify the 1950s and the fact that this story also deals with the beach or sea. I also would prefer the cover to have darker colours, to give it the dark and mysterious vibe.

p.s I will not publish my story just yet, hopefully in 2-3 days. I hope that’s okay.


Sorry denied! Im jot great with historical fiction and also i dont think i’d be able to get it done in 2-3 days


this is beautiful, you are truly amazing. Thank you so much.


Still open?


Yes but long waiting time


I didn’t mean to put a deadline, I was just letting you know since my story isn’t published yet. Thanks anyway.


(tagging in case you don’t get the notification @ivy279)
Okay sorry i have to ask another question before I make the cover:
So i was trying to plan things out and kind of decided I couldn’t incorporate both ideas (royalty/elegance/roses and apocalyptic-looking collapsed buildings). Anyway I was wondering which you prefer since I can’t do both. And hopefully after that I can start making your cover (sorry for the delay, again)


Didn’t know what to do with the background, so I kinda went with a generic forest idea, but let me know if you want me to change it. Also I would have to pay for the font you suggested and was kind of too lazy to search for a similar alternative so I used this one instead.

link one in case the picture doesn’t work
link two in case the picture doesn’t work
Let me know which one you choose or if I need to make any changes!


Holy shit.

Thanks fam, You’re the best.


Hey, no problem, sorry for th confusion! I’d refer the buildings. If you could still get a crown on there that would be nice but otherwise the building would be my top priority! Thank you for doing this for all of us!


I’m sorry for not seeing this earlier, but this is actually AMAZING! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


went with something completely different than the stuff I asked you about oops

link in case picture doesn’t work
let me know if i need to make any changes!