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title: Up-and-Coming

subtitle: October 2018

author name: IzzyKat

genre/theme: uhm. It’s a magazine so… Random?

Faceclaims: uhm what are these

pictures/ideas: I’d like it to be a confetti background with these images sort of magazine-style and words underneath each one (The text underneath the picture should go by the picture)

“Coralie’s Demons”

Interview with @gracelynpine

“From The Heart”


Summary: Welcome to the first ever issue of UaC Magazine! This is where I’ll be sharing some of the best up and coming authors, books, artists, and more!

anything else: nope I guess

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


okay accepted
and by the way faceclaims are just celebrities that you use to represent your characters or just people you may want on the cover


Ohhhhhhh ok. Good to know. Thanks! And thanks for accepting!


Aw, thank you ! :heart:
I like the coloring you use on your cover :slight_smile:


oh my god you are amazing!!

my book Isn’t anywhere near to being posted, but I already gave credit in my bio and in the first chapter. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey hey! Sorry, not trying to be rude or pushy or anything, I was just wondering, will my cover be done soon? I would like to get this up by Saturday. Thanks again!


I’m thinking definitely before Friday I’ll get it done.


Here’s your cover:
don’t forget to give credit :smile:


Hey there!!! Your examples are incredible.
I’ve been super stumped when it comes to my cover. I’ve tried several (many several) times to create my own, but can’t seem to get it to look nice. Maybe you’ll be able to help me!

title: War Beyond Reality

author: Autumn Berryman

mood/genre: Mysterious, thrilling, intense. || Scifi/ Dystopian

faceclaims: Katherine Mcnamara. Dylan O’brien. Bob Morley.


summary: Gamers are the biggest thing in this new world’s society. Gamers are watched by billions as they dominate in their virtual reality games. But a new company surfaces, offering these top Gamers to be be the first to try their new game. The Gamers should have read the contract however… because they just landed themselves in a war against monsters they thought were part of a game, when really it was just preparing them for a battle on another planet.

anything else: I know you said that you don’t have a payment set up yet, but I’d be happy to give back once you know what you want! (support with a novel you’re working on, ect.

I was also thinking of a neon-y background with fast looking lights. Or a neon title. (but if you have already started, that’s TOTALLY fine! :slight_smile:


accepted! and i may have to take you up on that support with a novel idea haha


title: Darkest Memory
author: Krys King
mood/genre: Fantasy/Adventure
pictures/ideas:It wont let me end you the pic I like (though its being used as a temp stand in atm for the book)
The main character is a Drow female. She is dark skinned, has long white thick hair, and violet eyes
summary: Freya is a drow warlock who is looking to find a way to break her pact from the demon that binds her.

anything else: Maybe a close up of her face with one eye violet and the other glowing red (she frequently gets taken over by the demon that binds her) the background can just be a night setting under the moon… or maybe a split of shadow and fire?
This story is really brand new so I dont have much yet to put here lol. I Look forward to hearing from you!






YES!!! :star_struck:

I hope you do! Is your Wattpad username the same as this one???




Thank you!!!


Here you go:
Don’t forget to give credit!


Thank you, THANK YOU!


Title: Finding Franco Chavez
Subtitle: a tale of hope and purpose
Mood/genre: dark, depressing, teen fiction
Picture/ ideas: a photo of a boy alone
Summary: Franco Chavez is the hot-headed outcast of Silverwood High. While the rest of the world seem to live happy and vibrantly coloured lives, he can’t help but feel as though he’s stuck with only one piece of charcoal that’s running out. No matter what he does, he isn’t satisfied with just his shades of grey, yet he can’t figure out how to fit in with the crayon boxes around him.
But then he meets Haven Montgomery, someone spirited enough to go against the rules, and isn’t afraid to colour the sky green or the trees orange. With her help, Franco Chavez might also be ready to colour outside the lines.

“The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be, and it may not be easy, but it will be worth it.”