vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



I love it! Thank you! The only thing is can we remove the second “the” so the title is just
“The Fall of Mangiatorvi”


oh sorry about that!



You are the absolute best! Thank you so much for your time and help!!


title: plant boy
subtitle: “neville, can i call you my plant boy?”
author: strxbry
mood/genre: minimalistic vibe, plant aesthetic [ the genre is fanfiction ]
faceclaims: caleb mclaughlin
pictures/ideas: a white background or maybe a polaroid style would be appreciated.
summary: david was a quiet boy, which an excellent personality that he didn’t let shine through very often. one day, he physically runs into neville in the herbology greenhouse. he bends down to pick up neville’s books, flustered and apologising. the two share a few laughs about how clumsy they are and become fast friends. eventually, they become more than friends.
anything else: it’s not an angsty story, as you can probably tell. i’d appreciate it if the font wasn’t bold for that reason. other than that, feel free to add whatever you believe would work well with the theme.

[ not really to do with the cover itself ] i really love your examples so i knew i had to ask for one of your masterpieces.


How long is the waitlist?


@strxbry accepted
@shynightshade about a month


damn. but i guess it was to be expected, your covers are awesome!

I’m co-writing with a friend of mine, we’ll come back when we’re ready with our story


thank you soooooooooo much


title: his grace
subtitle: book one
author: imtotallynotokay
mood/genre: action, mystery, fanfiction, lgbt+
faceclaims: Misha Collins

maybe include some type of angelic things or a white light beaming onto him.
summary: it’s a story based on season four of the tv show supernatural but in castiel’s POV. It shows everything he felt and went through before he met the Winchester’s and what goes on when their not around or sleeping.
anything else: I hope you can use that picture of him or one of them from that photo shoot because I feel like the photo shoot would fit perfectly with all three of the books.

title: his vengeance
subtitle: book two
author: imtotallynotokay
mood/genre: action, mystery, fanfiction, lgbt+
faceclaims: jensen ackles

perhaps make him look cold (black eyes) or have blood dripping down the cover and maybe his neck
summary: it’s a story based around season five of supernatural in deans pov.
anything else: I hope that you can use that picture of him or one from the photoshoot because it ties in with the series.

title: his power
subtitle: book three
author: imtotallynotokay
mood/genre: action, mystery, fanfiction, lgbt+
faceclaims: jared padalecki

i was thinking of having some type of magical feel to the cover (since he can see parts of the future) or maybe a scene of a town they went to in that season in the left corner.
summary: it’s a story based around season six of supernatural in sam’s POV.
anything else: again I hope you can use a photo of him from that photo shoot.

if you can’t use this photo shoot maybe another that still makes it look like it’s from a series


Here you go! sorry i’m a little late. i actually restarted this like six times because I didn’t like how it looked or I forgot to save. anyway i hope you like it

link here too
obviously i have a problem with light flares they were in my last like four covers
Let me know if you want me to make any changes!


Title: Nightingale
Subtitle: In the Darkness of Death, She was the Angel of Mercy
Author: Haven
Genre: Short Story. Historical (It’s about Florence Nightingale) with a very slight twist of romance.
Faceclaims: NONE!
Idea:Instead of the lady looking down, I’d like her to be standing up straight, confidently, facing the light. And the shirt should be black.
Summary: It’s the crimean war. A soldier name John Kinsley is terribly sick, and has lost his hope. Florence Nightingale, the nurse, brings back the hope in him.
Anything else: I guess I’d like it if you keep that border.


title: Superior

subtitle: - NA

author: Shaivi N., Samhitha T.

mood/genre: Dystopian/Utopian

Faceclaims: n/a


  1. (The S) Superior symbol as a tattoo on a wrist, with the title at the top and author names at the bottom

  2. A blonde girl in a long flowy dress standing at the top of a spiraling staircase, title at the top and authors names at the bottom.

Could you please try and make both?

Summary: In a world where only those born to the best are given the best, and the poor lie with the dogs, 18 year old Aisa Farrow comes from a wealthy family, raised at the top-notch of society. She’s always been told how to act, who to be friends with, and what to think. She’s always felt like there was something wrong with the way their world was run, but she has constantly ignored that small, nagging feeling; and now she’s on her own way to get even farther up the social ladder, after entering the college of everyone’s dreams- the Eligera Superiot.

But then she meets the enigmatic, rebellious Raiker, who has a very different perspective on how things should be run. Much to Aisa’s surprise, she finds herself in agreement with him a lot of the time, and the two start to share many conversations.

Raiker Denlow has had his own share of trauma, and is set on making sure nobody else faces the same horrible challenges he did. To do so, he must capture Aisa Farrow, the spoiled, rich brat he assumes she is. But much to his surprise, she turns out to be nothing like he expected, and instead of an enemy, she turns into an ally.

As these two unite to change their world for the better, they find themselves in a whirlwind of confusing emotions as they slowly begin to fall for each other. But are their efforts enough? Or will their world fall back into its original rhythm?

Dm me if you have any questions! Thank you!


@imtotallynotokay @ecrivainhaven sorry denied!
@samandshy accepted


announcement again can you guess what it is lol
so I’m actually going in vacation (where I won’t have my laptop/wifi probably) in like april but because the waiting list is so long and i’m really bad about getting things in on time that means I need to close requests right now so that I don’t have to worry about it then. Also it’s a great excuse for me to catch up because yeah a month waiting is long.
Alright, so that’s it. I hope to get everyone’s done before I go on vacation, and then after that I’ll reopen for requests :grin:


here you go! title is done kind of experimentally, so let me know if you prefer it to be more traditional (like just straight) or any other changes you want:



i don’t know how i got the title completely wrong give me a sec i’ll change it


same spiel as last time let me know if i need to make any changes


i want to see your characters but i can’t seem to find your profile/story?


Oh uhm their namens are:
Matthew daddario and diego barrueco

Here is a link to My story, let me know if This Works
I changed my name to
Quinn-stories. Maybe that’s why you couldn’t find it?