vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]




They are both so perfect!!! I can’t choose! cries You are a miracle worker hugs you tightly


here you go

let me know if you want me to make any changes


If you want to show the dude’s face go for Number 2. Else, go for Number 1


holy wow that looks beautiful


hii , is it ok if i request a cover for a friend?

i really really liked the cover you made for my story ‘This isn’t normal’ and so does my friend.


Yeah but not right now since I’m pretty busy


yeah that’s ok and thank you.


Here you go! let me know if you want me to make any changes or try something different altogether i’ll admit it’s not my best/most creative


It’s really cute! Would you be able to give it a more somber or dreary feel?


i think this fits it kind of better



Would you be able to change the coloring to something darker? Maybe something like this


how about something like this?

I already made it in a redder tint so it’d be hard for me to get it to a bluer one without starting over but i can do something kinda like this too it’s just that i personally prefer the above one but to each their own



It doesn’t really fit my story, thank you so much for trying though


alright then! sorry about that!


ahh so i got pretty busy and now the waitlist is way off. I need to put off everyone’s covers (again, i know) probably until after i get back from my vacation (i might be able to get one or two done before then, but I’m not sure). sorry about that. let me know if you want to cancel your request or ask someone else.

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If you are willing to try then go ahead!! I hope you are feeling better now!


May I cancel my request, then? I need the cover before mid-april so i’ll have to request elsewhere. Have a great vacation!


Alright! Thanks for letting me know!


Alright, have a good vacation.