vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]




okay, so i kind of took a lot of liberties with your request.
like i said before, i made it more “zoomed in” than your idea had it. Then i couldn’t really find a good picture of someone with a french braid that I liked, so i went with her hair is down (it is brown, at least). I changed her eyes colors and added a necklace, and the picture I used she was already wearing a sweater.
Then I just read the part where you said the moon should be grey or black, but this one matches the colors of the model well, but if that’s really important that would be a quick fix.
I’m also okay if you want me to do something different with it altogether (especially because you waited so long) i’m also okay if you really like my changes anyway lol


I really love it, the only thing I would want changed (it is really small cause otherwise, it is all good) is the font. Could it be most cursive?

Ex font ideas…

I was thinking perhaps: PF Champion Script Pro, Edwardian Script, or Shelly Valante.

If you can’t that is okay cause it is really pretty anyways.


Btw, the colors you chose were so pretty. I’m in love with the orange!


Definitely (I haven’t checked those exact fonts, but if anything I can make it cursive)


Thank you! I’m using it right now (as is) and you are credited in the summary, btw.


here’s one with cursive


I love it! It is perfect thank you!!


I actually love both of them so much, omg. I fell in love with the first one and I love the second one, ahh. This is a great problem to be in, haha. Thank you so much!