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title: balloons
subtitle: “everybody loves a secret, don’t you?”
author: grayson leah
mood/genre: mystery, fan-fiction
faceclaims: nina dobrev
wattpad_book_cover__30_by_sinemakdemr-da97k22 game_over____wattpad_cover_by_neaekis-dabi9cy
summary: brooke overman isn’t your typical seventeen-year-old girl, even though her appearance suggests that she is. living a life full of abuse can take a toll on you, add a group of anonymous people stalking you to the mix and you have the perfect storm.


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title: To Be Skinny

subtitle: n/a

author: Arika Lowe

mood/genre: the genre is teen fiction, but I want the mood to be dark and somber

faceclaims: while I don’t have a faceclaim, I want the main girl on the cover to be brunette, if possible

pictures/ideas: so, I want the cover to be simple. And I simply want it to be a closeup of a brunette, maybe with a solemn look on her face? I have some examples for you if you need inspiration:

summary: A story about how one girl
Comes to terms with
Loving herself

. . . . .

Counting calories and exercise is a part of Josephine Clarke’s life. She’s used to small portions. She’s used to the aching in her lungs, and the rumbling in her belly, every morning, as she pushes herself to become prettier.

She isn’t used to guys like Oliver Vega caring about her, and her wellbeing.

One midnight jog can, apparently, change a girl’s whole life.

anything else: thank you, if you decide to accept!




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title: Above High Waters


author: Saint Caliendo.

mood/genre: Serene, calm, calming, mysterious.

faceclaims: None.

If you could use this picture that’d be great. IMG_20181007_060741


Afibia is dying. The rich vibrant cove of merfolk has been under the wrath of pollutants, poison, and disease. A decision made by the cove’s elders requires all merfolk within the region to evacuate within twelve new moons, but Omi, a young merman cannot imagine living anywhere else. Afibia was his home, and the only one he’d ever known.

A series of events leads him to the surface world where he tries to strike a deal with Ryan Logan, a man he was convinced could do something about it.

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Book Cover Type: Manipulated

Book Title: Her First Lover

Book Subtitle: none

Author’s Name: Lavesh Gupta

Book’s Summary: A Girl (teenager in the story) was abducted at a young age and was mutilated. Later, she was found defenseless by her parents. The molestation had a deep impact on the girl, she misunderstood that the only way of showing love was sexually (main theme of the story) . Many incidents happened between her and her family (including some sexual ones.) . The innocent girl was found wicked at the end of the story. This thrills of mishappenings gallops through the whole story when in the last the father murders both his wife and her daughter (another main theme of the story) and then kill himself.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller + Romance (+ a bit of horror)

Theme/Mood/Color: Theme of the cover as I imagined would be both sexually enticing as well as thrilling. Mood is mysterious and dark (particularly sinful). Colors are red, black or dark forest green (+ any other color that you think would work).

Pictures + Cover Inspirations: Here are the links for a few pictures I collected, that could be the inspiration to you for this cover. By the way, these are just inspirations; the real magic is all yours!

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3:

Link 4:

Link 5:

Cover Ideas + My Speculations: I have a few ideas that I thought would work for my cover. Also, I have a few images that support my ideas.

Idea 1: A Teenage Girl Kissing a rose. Her lips would bright red and red being the dominant cover in the cover.

Idea 2: A family couple in the cover and a girl going away. Some dark theme used in this cover.

Idea 3: A girl in the cover and inside her body a blend of a sexually enticing scene like this. See, inside their bodies how a scene is blended. These are just my ideas but you are totally free to ignore my nonsense ideas and make what you like. After all, you’re the boss! J


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By the way your story seems pretty interesting I love thrillers and haveng really made a cover for one so that’s cool


Title: The Queen of Vallise
Subtitle: Upon a throne of lies
Author: Demmie Lei
Mood/genre: Fantasy Romantic/Werewolf
Faceclaims: -
This woman is the best representation of my main character I can find:


There are many things she didn’t know and many things she made herself forget. She was the Princess of Vallise and should have taken the crown after she wedded the Prince from the Kingdom of Briterrean. Yet, there were underhanded dealings going on around her that she refused to see. When she herself was thrown into a cell for reasons she could not comprehend, she believed she would spend whatever remained of her life within the small stone room with its iron-barred door.

However, a man came and whisked her away. She questioned the world around her and what secrets it kept from her. She also began to question herself as the man who she believed was a monster somehow recognized her name. What secrets have been hidden in her mind and what lies have covered the truth of her existence?

When rebellion and war ensued with creatures of man and beast at her side, she realized that all was never what it seemed and that sometime one’s life can become a lie itself.

Anything else: Somewhat of a darker, fantasy theme to it.