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Hey, thanks a lot. I hope it works out well.


I’ve never done something like this before so correct me if I’m wrong in anything. I’ve been making my own covers and lets just say they’re not great ha ha. :slight_smile: I’ll understand if you can’t make it for whatever reason.
title: You Are The Trouble I’m In
Subtitle: I’m not sure what this is but BTS Fanfic maybe?
Author: softnsquishy
mood/genre: Romance/Erotic Fanfiction
Faceclaims: Emeraude Toubia, Jeon Jungkook.

Pictures/Ideas: this is my crappy cover but I’d like it to have that sunset background or Mexican themes around it. I included some of my favorite pictures.


Summary: During a tour, Jungkook meets Alina, an exciting Latina & reporter in the beautiful city of Mexico where they spent a night of dancing & drinking.After a heated night that leaves love marks on her body, he disappears without a trace, leaving her with hate towards him. A year later she meets him again when she has to interview BTS. Will she be able to resist the intensity behind his eyes as they take in every curve of her body? Taehyung has loved Jungkook since the day they met but its an unrequited love. This is not just their love story. Other BTS members have secrets of their own. With so many secrets they all hide, someone is bound to slip up.




title: Would you rather?

subtitle: A holiday special of BTS edition.

author: NamjoonlovelywifeX

mood/genre: Romance, fanfiction and Random.

faceclaims: BTS

pictures/ideas: Since its, these are the pics I want as the cover.





summary: Let’s play a game, shall we?

A simple game that has you choose between four choices.


whoops so here’s a story: I had this for something else I was making and then just adjusted it for yours since I changed my mind and got carried away so it actually doesn’t look like the “ideas” section you gave me but I hope you still like it. If not I can change it (maybe make it less saturated or just start over).

don’t forget to give credit!




i love it! thankyou!


ok SO! this book has a sequel and i was wondering if you could make a cover that is similar in color scheme and mood to the balloons cover? i can fill out a form for the sequel!

title: aftershock
subtitle: “wanna play a game?”
author: grayson leah
mood/genre: mystery, fan-fiction
faceclaims: nina dobrev
summary: The past year for Brooke Overman has been traumatizing; plane crashes, best friends stabbing her in the back, falling in love, death, fear, and paranoia is all she is consumed with. All the brown-haired beauty wants is a break from the world but that doesn’t seem possible. Snowball after snowball continue coming at her left and right. The memories and trauma are adding up and it feels as if she is meeting the end. Her world is falling apart and her knight in shinning armor isn’t able to put it back together this time.


Sure, accepted


title: The Paper Towns Project
subtitle: -
author: rhuthshana
mood/genre: Teen Fiction, Romance, nothing dark or depressing, it is light and relationship focused, something simple
faceclaims: -
pictures/ideas: the story is published and I have a cover for it but I don’t feel like it accurately represents the story. Something that reminds you of summer. I’d prefer to have a teen couple or a teen girl on the cover.
summary: Sierra Walker’s long-term relationship is put to the test when her Creative and Critical Writing teacher assigns the class to create a paper town they would want to live in. Partnered with her over-achiever boyfriend, Chris Anderson, the couple soon realize that their differences go beyond the debate of pineapples on pizza and ice cream flavor preferences.
Can the two pull it together, or will they take their relationship down along with their project?
anything else: nope




here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


I would love to get a cover from you if you would be so kind to do so.
Silence is all we have
I am the author you can find me by searching @JordanPerry2
the mood is a roller coaster of action points and then peace before the next storm
Genre is adventure/action
Ideas due to the world having been turned into a desolate wasteland. The main character wields a sword and a shield has blue eyes that sparkle in the darkness messy brown hair and a childish face. he is very well built. (sorry I dont have pictures)
What happens when the gods that have watched over us and protected us from unknown evils go silent? in this story 90% of the world has been wiped out by an unknown evil that has been released from its binds because the gods have gone silent and its up to the remaining 10% of people to find a way to save what little humanity has left.

I’m sorry if this snt enough information and if you don’t want to accept that is okay




Sounds interesting accepted
Did you want your name on the cover to be “jordanperry2” or would you prefer something else? (Like maybe just “Jordan perry” ?)


Nah dont put my name on the cover


here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


Thank you! It’s perfect.


Hey! I am just getting started on a story and am in desperate need of a cover.
Would you be able to help me?


i might can you fill out a form?