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I think it may be a little different than you wanted let me know if you need me to redo it or you can ask someone else (thriller romance isn’t exactly my forte)
here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


Title: Kingdom of Shadows
no subtitle
Author: Anna Hugh
Mood/genre: fantasy, (dark historical style)
I’m not sure what you mean by faceclaims
Pictures/ideas: no pictures in mind, but emily ratajkowski is who I have most in mind for main female
Summary: A young woman is thrown into the world of espionage to pay off a debt to the powerful lord that saved her. She finds herself in a world that is more than she bargained with romance and betrayal, as she tries to uncover a plot to dethrone the King. She is torn between her heart and her loyalty to the crown. (this is a super loose summary)
Anything else: Thing game of thrones in terms of castle settings etc. She really is going to be (or at least I hope to make her) a total badass, and there will be some darker moments along the way.
Hope this helps.


Hi, I’m interested in having a cover made, and I wanna know if you do fanfiction.


It really depends for me. If you fill out a form and I end up denying feel free to ask someone else


Accepted what do you mean by historical style?
Also just to let you know a faceclaim is just someone to represent your character (so in your case Emily ratajkowski)


Lol, good to know.
It’s a fantasy story where the setting is based off medieval Europe, so kings, castles, knights, and all that good stuff. Probably not the best way to describe it, but yeah… think Throne of Glass, if you’re familiar with that series.


here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


all these look wonderful can’t wait to see what mine looks like


here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


So good! Everyone who gets a cover from you is lucky asf


Hi! I was wondering if you were still taking requests and if you were then I was further wondering if you think you could make a cover for my story. (If not its okay because honestly I know how challenging this can be also how time consuming it is) Thank you for the consideration at the least.

title: Keepers of Death

subtitle: N/A

author: Nava Desen (the full name is Navara Desen but Nava Desen is fine)

mood/genre: High Fantasy, Action, Adventure are the genres and its mood is intense and suspenseful. The main characters are in a giant war for their entire kind that was started by the gods. They also are stuck constantly wondering who they can trust if that helps put the mood into place.

faceclaims: I don’t have one in mind but the two main characters have pretty basic descriptions. The male has short dark hair with light blue eyes while the female is straight long brown hair and brown eyes.

pictures/ideas: The current one I have up is one I roughly made myself and is one of my main ideas. The two characters back to back with the gods with them (Apollo for the male and Anubis for the female). Feel free to work with that idea or not.

The other main idea doesn’t involve their gods. Its mostly the two of them back to back in a wasteland.

At most I would like the two main characters on the cover.

summary: Here is the basic summery of the story -

‘This world has become too crowded. The numbers need to be contained. We, the Gods, have devised the perfect method. Humanity, you are Two.’

Two humans from opposite ends of the world struggle to survive. With six other species hunting them they must quickly learn to work together. But is their true enemy really the other races? Or is it the beings who started this war in the first place? What happens when there’s more to this game then what is let on? With shallow trust in everything two humans must fight for the entire kind and the peace they used to have.

anything else: I know there isn’t very many specifics, which I apologize about, but I’m not the best when it comes to cover ideas.

Again thank you for your considerations and I understand if you decline!


Can I get a sense of how long it will be before my cover is done not rushing you just curious thank you


title: Seventy-Two Hours

subtitle: -

author: Aurora Madariaga

mood/genre: Contemporary romance

faceclaims: I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean with this. Sorry :roll_eyes::slightly_frowning_face:

pictures/ideas: So a week or so ago I attempted to make a cover for this short story. Since each of the two parts is one of the characters point of view, I took this woman (stock picture) and this man (tenor Ian Bostridge) and made a sort of half-face cover. I took it out because I was worried about copyright infringement of this tenor’s photo but I couldn’t for the life of me find a stock photo of a doppelganger for him :disappointed::weary:

summary: Paul Stutte is an English tenor with enough life and onstage experience to well know there’s little still in the world to thrill him. A less than honorable family man and husband, he meets by chance a woman at Heathrow Airport straight out of his dreams. Out of those impossible dreams, those which resembles a torture rather than a delight.
When he thinks having shared an eight-hours flight with Cármen was enough test to his loyalty as a husband, he bumps into her in New York. She stays at his same hotel. At his same floor. Life is too cruel and Paul, not as strong as he thinks he is.
With a concert to give at the prestigious Carnegie Hall and a world tour before him, the last thing Paul needs is to disturb the deep sleep of his old and retired butterflies in his stomach.
A race against fears and a confirmation of the deepest passions.

anything else: This two-parts short story has a translation into Spanish. So it’s basically the same short story written in Spanish and English. That means that I’d use the same cover for both versions. The name in Spanish is “72 Horas”. What I did in my shitty attempt was to write its title in both languages in vertical right in the middle where both their faces met. And that’s the best I could come up with lol.

Thank you in advance! :sob::heart:


By Thursday, if not before




I’m not well versed in wattpad’s copyright policies, but to my general understanding, using images that are not royalty free/stock is okay as long as no one is making money off of it (which is why that’s in my rules). So if that’s still okay for you, then I’ll accept your request. Also I may or may not do something different than your half face description thing that because that has never really worked out for me personally but maybe this time it will.


Thank you for your quick reply :heart:

Well, as I took out my attempt of a cover for my short story I was more worried about whether I’d get any warning or alike from this tenor’s side (because that’s his face and it’s being used as the cover for a fictional story) than from Wattpad’s front. It’s just that my main character is based on this guy so… :sweat_smile:

Thank you for accepting my request and I let you do with this cover whatever feels right for you. I’ll credit you in the description of my short story both in Spanish and in English :blush::heart:


here you go
don’t forget to give credit!


Thank yooooou, I will once it’s up.


Thank You!