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Hello @somestarstuff Can you please make a cover for my book?
Title: So You Want To Play In Hollywood?
Author: Hangry PD
Faceclaim: SinB of GFriend
Mood/Genre: Humor/Realistic Fiction/Contemporary Fiction
Dear Diary,
After writing in you for 15 years, I have decided to publish my entries online. My 16-year old self would reprimand me for revealing all the secrets and complaints that were meant to be buried in my grave. But reading you now at 41, I realize that you hold so much more. To you newbies who are about to enter dangerous territory, beware that this is going to be one hell of a ride for you and me. A story about how a bitchy, snarky teenager turned into an Academy Award winning director lies before you. This is my story, and it isn’t a fairy tale.

Best Regards,
Hayley Andrews

Here are the photos I used for my original book cover:

For my book cover, I’d really like something that is not too dark or bright, something that represents the path towards success. SinB is in a girl group, so she tends to wear dresses in her pictures. If you decide to make my book cover, please use pictures of SinB in her tomboy or casual clothes. That’s Hayley style. If that proves difficult, don’t stress. Just message me any people you recommend as the faceclaim, or I could send you another person. Thank you. I hope you consider my request.




Thank you


Hello there I would also like a cover the title is named Heart to Heart
author Carolinedejesus1

and the genre of the story is an LGBTQ

basically the cover of two boys in love. Maybe just gazing at each other no specific colors.

The Description: The story is about a boy named Dexter who always had a crush on his best friend but when his older brother’s friend finds out that he gays Dexter must do anything so his secret won’t be revealed.

(Both boys are light skinned with brown hair and Dexter has glasses if specific details are needed) Thank you for your time.


ty so much I can’t wait haha seeing all the other covers you have made is getting me hyped


Hey there! I was wondering if you’d consider making a cover for a book that I’m planning on posting soon. I’m not the best at creating my own haha…

Title: Lone

author: Paul Stewarts

mood/genre: Teen Fiction/Werewolf/BoyxBoy

faceclaims: Can’t say I’ve heard of this… sorry!

pictures/ideas: I was trying to find a picture of two older teenage guys either hand in hand or a dark image of them hugging, but every time I look up anything remotely related to that I get a bunch of Pride pictures and not necessarily what I’m looking for. I don’t know if it’s possible to have some sort of picture of a boy touching heads with a wolf/werewolf as a sign of comfort? :confused: Or maybe something with a guy in a dark hoodie sitting underneath the moonlight?

summary: Danny is a teenage boy who has suffered isolation for most of his life. He’s always felt alone and has yet to experience what it’s like to truly love someone instead of being constantly used and ignored. Then comes along the most popular and yet most mysterious guy in school, Jason Powers, who sends his packages to Danny’s house. Danny discovers that he’s able to see certain things and have his aggression turn into some intense power; this power is connected to Jason in some way. Danny realizes that he has an actual destiny and that he will have to work with Jason. The two will come to realize how much they need each other to survive living their “ordinary” lives as well as their day-to-day lives as high schoolers living together.

anything else: I understand that you are allowed to say no, so I thank you in advance for your consideration :slight_smile:


I GASPED SO LOUD…I am speechless. You are incredibly talented, thank you so much!! Seriously you have a gift, is it too soon to say I love you? Because I LOVE YOU


Title: Downward Spiral

Subtitle: Rebel With A Cause

Author: RavensOfOld

Mood/Genre: Short Story/Action. The theme is dark and depressing.

Face Claims: None

Idea #1: An old sedan car in a midst of dark, black mist surounding it.
Idea #2: A gun shooting out the letters of the title in a grey-colored theme, since the theme is a depressingly dark story. Blue is allowed to substitute the dark colors if you think it looks better, because blue symbolizes sadness.
Idea #3: Unlocked handcuffs on the object based cover. Same dark, grey theme, unless you prefer blue for aesthetics.

This is how an old sedan looks like, in case you were wondering for Idea #1:

Summary: Two years after high school graduation, two former best friends meet up. The difference? One has left the path of crime and is now a college student aiming to be a lawyer, while the other continues to be a notorious criminal, spiralling down his own hell hole. Dallas Whittaker begins to reflect what made him worship the godly rebel in their early years. When returning to seek answers in the aftermath of a house party, Dallas realizes that the truth may not be what he expected.

Anything Else: The book will be published in a week or two, once I finish editing.


oh wow what an interesting story!!! :0


Thank you! Its first draft is completed, but coming out in a week or two.


ill give it a read once it’s out



Also accepted; feel free to add more to your request bc your thing is really broad but I think I can work with what you have as is too


thank you I don’t really have a specific thing considering that I’m pretty simple but I did like the idea of looking deep in the eyes sort of style as for the color style I guess a sunset sort of feel. Honestly thank you so much id love to see what you’ve come up with!


Thank you so so much! I am looking forward to seeing what you create!!! :smiley:


Thank you very much!


Heya, I checked out your deviantart stuff and I really like some of the covers you made! I would really appreciate if you made a cover for my first book.The details are below :bouquet:

title: A bouquet of flowers
mood/genre:teen fiction
pictures/ideas:flowers maybe? you could even put the characters on the cover. I like brush-lettering too. Anyway, just go with whatever comes to mind lol
summary:Breena Walters is just your average seventeen year old girl living with her mom and brother in a little town off the coast…well…she WAS until the flowers started coming, and then the letters, and then finally…the boy.

After suddenly fainting and finding a mysterious note at the carnival, she is led on a chase to find the boy who was with her - the boy who wrote the note.
anything else: I like pastel colours but bright colours are great too. There are pictures of the cast in the book for reference if you decide to go for the “people” idea




here you go:
don’t forget to give credit!


title: Mundane to Magic
subtitle: –
author: Charlee
mood/genre: Fantasy/Magic
pictures/ideas: No specific pictures but I’d like something that might give the illusion of magic. Pretty colors perhaps sparkling in the background. Perhaps even a castle/kingdom in the back? Or even a blonde doing some type of magic. I’m really kind of open to anything that you look at and say ‘Okay, yeah that’s magic’
I tried a few things and I’m terrible with covers!
summary: The kingdom is ruled by a cruel leader who keeps control with magic that only he is allowed to do, with the exception of the King’s Guards (he gives them magic to do his bidding with the use of a spell book). However magic is about to find it’s way into the hands of someone else. Will this magic be used to overthrow the cruel king?

I probably made that more confusing then it needs to be. I can try to clarify if that doesn’t make sense.
anything else: Do your thing! Your covers are beautiful. And thank you in advanced if you take this on!


small announcement:
Going to close the shop from requests for a couple of weeks. I have about ten requests as is and I’m probably gonna be busy for the next month or two anyway outside of wattpad. Anybody currently waiting for me to finish a request should still be completed on time.
I’ll make another “announcement” post when I’m less busy and open for requests again.