vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



All good take your time You have done great work on the ones you have done so far


lmao I was typing up the “closed” announcement while you posted this. It’s fine though.


Oh gosh! I’m so sorry. :confused:


no you’re completely fine I just thought it was an interesting coincidence. i still like your story though and kind of have an idea of what might look cool to do it, so that’s why i still accepted your request


Thank you so much!


Hi can you @ me when your open again?


yeah no problem


Thanks so much for accepting! i’m so glad I got here on time :sweat::joy:


hi there, I just found out what faceclaims are and I wanted to know if I could tell you mine :smile: I guess it would fall under the “ideas” bit but as I said, you can just play around with whatever looks nice/is easier for you :blush: They are gino pasqualini and jessica clements.


i guess it’s not super “summer-y” but I hope you like it
don’t forget to give credit!


I loved it :slight_smile: Thanks.


here you go
don’t forget to give credit!


OMG OMG OMG Thank you so much its perfect!!!


so i actually have yours done, but i was playing around with psds (colorings) i got off deviantart and ended up with like five I can’t bring myself to pick from because they’re really just your preference on colors. So i made up this preview thing (that’s in crappy quality on purpose); let me know which one you like the best and I’ll send you the finished version of it


oh wow the last one <3


fun fact the waiting list says i was gonna get this done on the twentieth and there’s only about an hour before it’s the twenty-first, but it still means i did it when I said I was going to haha

don’t forget to give credit! :smile:


Here you go. I tried using the pictures you wanted and ones similar to it, but then just ended up going for a more simple version. I hope the couple I put on the cover look similar enough.

Don’t forget to give credit! :smiley:


just went for a more simple version than i expected myself to make; hope you like it
don’t forget to give credit! :smiley:


Can you change the color a bit? I don’t think the orange-red works for SinB’s face. I was thinking something lighter, possibly sky blue-black. I want SinB’s face to be seen and the background to be clearer. Also, the title is So You Want To Play In Hollywood? No comma after “So.”
Sorry, I don’t mean to be nitpicky.


no you’re fine it’s no problem (that was actually the original color scheme when I made it lol). just give me a sec