vexatious - free covers y'all [closed]



hey can you remove this? it’s kinda rude to advertise on someone else’s shop


funny story
so i fixed the one i sent you earlier so it was blue,

then i reread what you said and you said you wanted and you said you wanted sinb’s face to be larger/easier to see, so i tried to make that work in the original, but it wasn’t obvious (and now thinking in hindsight i could’ve just moved her and then made the body bigger but what’s done is done), so I kind of just made a brand new cover and I think it looks pretty nice and cute so here’s that one too if you’d prefer it:


I will use the second one. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time and efforts you put into this cover.


That is so cute! :heart_eyes: Thank you!! :sob::heart:
The couple at the cover look younger than the protagonists but it doesn’t really matter, the end result is gorgeous and sweet :revolving_hearts:

I added credits for you at the description of both English and Spanish versions. :wink:


Thank you so much! Either way haha it still looks awesome.


Would you mind if I edit your cover to add “Short Story - Relato” right under the title? I forgot to add that as I filled your form. :thinking::pray:


Yeah no problem



Thank you!:sob::heart:
I meant that I could’ve done it myself but once again, thank you so much! :heartpulse:


Oh Haha I didn’t read that carefully. You’re welcome!


just to let everyone know i got swamped with a lot more work than i thought i was going to get so if i haven’t done your request yet, i’m probably going to push it back about a week


Not a problem :slight_smile:


fine by me!


hey so i also had a hard time finding a good picture of a couple or the wolves thing so I tried these, I hope you still like them (and let me know which one you end up using if you do use either):

don’t forget to give credit!


Oh… my… gosh… these covers are… they’re so…

Before I finish that sentence, I would like to apologize if these covers were a hassle… they really don’t give much for certain story covers, especially the ones I try to write. I’m thinking about taking some pictures in the (very distant) future to change that, but I’m not sure yet.

Anyways… these covers… are so beautiful… and they’re perfect! I don’t like that there isn’t much of a “gay/teen” vibe, but I wasn’t expecting that because, like you said, they are tough to find haha. I would like to thank you so so so so so so so so so so (I could go on and on and on and on and on… you get the point :slight_smile: ) much! This will definitely be the best cover out of all my stories, so thank you so much for doing this!!!

I spent a good half hour thinking about which one to use. They book look so great! I’ve decided to go with the first one since the reader will understand that it is a bit more of a werewolf story. Even if they don’t, it’s a really awesome cover! I will be posting my story today, for sure, and I will definitely make sure to give you credit in the book summary and the first chapter/author’s note. If there is anywhere else you’d like the credit (sorry if you already specified where), do let me know.

Thank you so much, once again. Will I be able to ask for you services again in the future? (not any time soon, since I’m sure you have lots more requests to fulfill haha)


glad to know you like it! and yes, of course you can ask again in the future.


Anyway so that idea I had I ended up scrapping and I think this looks better anyway.

don’t forget to give credit! And thanks for waiting so long!


Thank you so much! :grinning: It looks so cool! I’ll be publishing the book later this week, so credit will be given in the description by then.


these are gorgeus! Thanks, I think I really like the last one the best though!


here you go:

don’t forget to give credit! :smiley: