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so i thought this was really cute but idk if it’ll match your story so let me know if you need me to do it again:

don’t forget to give credit! :smiley:


OMG its adorable!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love it so much, thank you, thank you, thank you! As soon as my edited chapters are up, your credit will be given :sparkles::cherry_blossom:


here you go:

don’t forget to give credit :smiley:


It’s beautiful! Thank you!




Shop is open again! I was busier than I expected, so it’s really been more like three months (or alternatively, “since last year”) but I’m free now and ready to do more, so request away!

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Title Hidden Identities
Subtitle -
Author - Meshal Mahmood
Mood/Genre - mysterious, dark
Faceclaims - has to be a girl dont care about face
Pictures/Ideas- a girl hiding most of her face like a bandit, maybe some fighting weapons or theme of fighting,
(these ones i made)
06%20pm 124109635-256-k627134
Summary - 2 girls are hiding their identities at their fight club from not being captured, a couple of guys come and cause problem for these girls
it is okay if you can infuse red, black, grey colours in the cover


YAY! I was just hardcore creepin’ on your shop and I really wanna request a cover.

title: Camp Black Crow
subtitle: N/A
author: beforehours
mood/genre: teenfic/romance/lgbtq+
faceclaims: I have 4 main characters so you can use whichever fits. Lucky Blue Smith, Manu Rios, Neels Visser, and Diego Barrueco
pictures/ideas: So I don’t really have any picture inspo, but some ideas would be like a summer camp vibe, so like a cabin, or a dock at sunset, with bold lettering and someone sitting on the letters? or all of them posed on a doc or in front of a summer camp sign that says camp black crow? I LOVE your covers, so if something sparks your imagination, I trust your judgment, you’re free to go wild.
summary: So I’m just going to give you a brief little summary here - my story is about 4 boys who go to a summer art camp notorious for making people famous. half the book is about them at camp and falling in love and the other half is about their careers in the future and how they all make it in the industry and eventually fall back together - cause its a teen fic and they’re obvi meant to be together. lol
anything else: I understand if you deny the request for any reason, thanks for your time either way:) You’re an amazing graphic artist!


both accepted!
@travel_bae04 @beforehours


Thank you!!


title: The Last Lioness
subtitle: N/A
author: NikkiReads
mood/genre: magical, dark, vampire
faceclaims: Lily Collins

pictures/ideas: I’m thinking something dark but gold. Lily plays a character that’s part Lioness and Part Vampire so you can have fun with it. So a lioness and Lily somehow all thrown together

summary: My name is Nalamra Rajen Osiris and I’m the last of my kind, part vampire and part Lioness. I’ve been running from my creator for years, not trusting anyone, barely even myself. Yet sometimes, in lapses of judgement, I settle make friends, fall in ‘love’. Is that what you call meeting someone and not seeing them for 100 years? But that’s not the point of this story. My one goal in life, if you can call what I’m living a life, is to kill Niklaus Mikaelson.

anything else: Thank you for the consideration! Your graphics are amazing!




Thank you! :slight_smile:


title : this isn’t normal
author: emmalikes_books
mood/genre: fantasy adventure mystical
pictures/ideas : id like the cover to be simple, red black and gold to be the main three colors, roses and thorns around the title and corners , i dont want anyone in the cover, no faces or anything like that
summary : Rose charles thought that fantasy creatures existed in fantasy stories . until she reads a certain book that pulls the wool out of her eyes

when my grandmother brought up the of us moving, I didn’t know that I would be dragged through until I looked into the two demon children in the face. I didn’t know all of this was hidden right under the smallest veil all throughout history. and I didn’t know so many “people” knew about this and how they had the hearts to hide it from the rest of us. looking back at history, it made sense why they did it.

at the moment i went to visit my father’s side of the family for the first time. normally families have a thing about them that’s a bit peculiar, you see, they were all half deer. to say that i wasn’t expecting what i saw is a huge understatement.

anything else: thank you for taking a part of your time and reading this, your covers are beautiful and i hope for the best


Title: Celine: The Allurist of the celestial world.

Subtitle: N/A

Author: The Malevolent Creator

Genre: Fantasy. Mood: Upbeat, full of intrigue and bright and beautiful colour.

Faceclaims: N/A

Pictures/Ideas: I’m hopeless at image searching, so, if you accept this request then I’ll go on your judgment. But either something along the lines of a quaint little old style town/ cobbled street or even just a building. Or, something more magical focusing on a purple flame and/or the moon and stars.
Sorry, I can’t really provide more… cover ideas are not something I’m great at.

Celine Sharma and Oscar Lunmis are two young individuals with a deep interest in Allurists, the magical manipulators of their world.
She wants nothing more than to learn how to be an amazing Allurist just like her master and he will help her fulfil her dream.
The only problem is, her master has no interest in teaching.
Leaving Celine and Oscar alone with a now active business and an alarming amount of debt, the two must learn the secrets of Allurists together or both of their dreams will be lost with Celine’s home.

Anything else: I have nothing else to put really, other than, thank you if you decide to give this a go. There isn’t any immediate rush for a cover so take your time with it if you have to.


title: figment of my imagination
author: ellewhit
mood/genre: Teen Fiction/Romance
pictures/ideas: Uhmm something simple and cute, maybe two people kissing with the boy disappearing, two people just holding hands, you can honestly just do whatever you think will fit the plot. Both Ashlynne and Jake are brunette if you’re going to use people. Honestly just do whatever you think will fit the plot.
summary: Ashlynne’s mother dies when Ashlynne is eight, and then a new boy moves in next door named Jake, Ashlynne and Jake become best friends, and eventually fall in love as they grow older. But the night before Ashlynnes eighteenth birthday they admit their feelings, and as the clock strikes midnight, right as their lips brush, Jake vanishes into thing air. Ashlynne spends weeks confused til she puts the pieces together-all that Jake was was an imaginary friend, and she never realized it.


Heey :grinning:

Title: Blind Soul
Subtitle: -
Author: litturricane
Mood/Genre: Teen Fiction
Faceclaims: -

maybe something like this, couple, without seeing their face, I don’t have any ideas, I want a title to somehow be unique, I hope you understand what I mean, lol :joy:


Virginia is quite normal girl. Normal in her own world. Always calm, always silent.
Simply, she’s trying to be an ordinary girl who goes to college.
But, the point is, she isn’t ordinary, and she definitely isn’t normal.
One day you have everything and the next day you don’t have anything. Familiar?
Popular girl, always surrounded by friends, boys and happiness, becomes a girl who’s struggling to be alone, without anyone.
Little odd? Yes.
And then she met that cocky, annoying as hell bastard, who only think about himself and sex.
But, they have one thing in common. They are both selfish.
And when you find a person who is similar to you, you only have two options.

To fall in love or to kill him.

Who didn’t hear about him?
Popular, handsome, tall, naughty, Hadrian is everything.
Player in more ways, Hadrian can drag any girl in his bed. Willingly, by the way.
Girls, sex, parties and fun.
But when he met obnoxious, full of herself girl, what he will do? Stay? Give up?
Hadrian will suddenly find himself in a position he never knew that would happen.
He becomes friends with a girl he wants to screw. How can someone like Hadrian be stuck in a situation like this?
He used to win, but he will play a totally new game with her.

One girl, one emotion and a hundred problems.

Anything else: Thanks in advance, I understand if you don’t have time, so be free to tell me :grin:


alright so for some reason i couldn’t find a good picture of a girl covering her face that i wanted to use (which is strange because i feel like there are so many of them), so i ended up making this kind of nontraditional cover that is actually nothing like you requested except for the color scheme, but I thought it wasn’t bad so I figured I’d at least show you.

better link
let me know if you like it. Like I said, it’s nothing like what you requested so I understand if you don’t like it. I can always try again with something closer to what you wanted (there’s lots of pictures I could’ve used, I was just being picky).


Yeah, I really like the cover, its way better than i could ever do. I just think that there is a better image out there like you said. I don’t want you to put some much effort into this after you’ve already done one so, if you can change the image and keep the design the same (up to you), then I’m more than happy to use it.

Dw this is still an epic cover :smiley:


@ellewhit as long as you don’t mind it being super simple

@TheMCOfficial I don’t really have any ideas to work off of based on your request. Feel free to add more detail to it and request again or request from someone else.
@litturricane Similar thing, I just have a lack of ideas from your request (even though you do have a lot of ideas in your request). Feel free to change your request form or ask someone else.