Viewable comments from drafts


I have seen one about voters being visible to the writer haven’t seen one about comments

Note to self: learn how to state your ideas

Okay you know the overall story stat? there are ones for chapters too I was wondering what if we can click one comments count and be able to read them? what if we can find a way to store them say if one was a review once you unpublish normally you can’t read that comment without giving yourself a read. Same could be done for votes once you click it you can see your voters

thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

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Hello I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you are saying ^^’


I like this idea a lot! I think it would especially be helpful when I am editing my book with the aid of comments from readers and critics. :grinning:


Same I unpublished my book for a while so they don’t get notified after my every change and now all of the comments are hard for me to see without giving myself reads ^-^’



I really wish I could just click on the comment bubble or the votes one and figure out who voted and what was commented

if there is a way to view comments without adding a view or entering your chapter it would be nice

(Yes I want to revive this I am editing and would like to see the suggestions without getting into the book as a reader)


That’d be an awesome idea.


I really hope it ends up being a feature


Fingers are crossed. xD

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just edited where the thread is (things were different before I left, makes me sound old lol) but now people can vote

Hope it gets attention ^-^


I had been here for almost six years. xD I had no idea if that is longer than you or not. I guess it is shorter.


I meant using the threads here I left for quiet some time and now voting on topics doesn’t work the same way :joy: had to do some changes

yep longer, I didn’t know wattpad existed 6 years ago :joy:


I think it had existed for 13 years. xD And ha. How long have you been doing the forums?

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the new ones as in here? I think since a month after they started

wattpad about 4 years now



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