Views on Daily Magic Productions Offer?

Hi :smile:
I recently got contacted by dm by a representative of Daily Magic Productions who is interested in my book to be transformed into dialogue-like story and licenced for their mobile app Story Club.
Any of you guys already worked with them? Did you hear about these deals? Are they trust-worthy? Interesting?
I’m kinda new to this world, so I would love to hear your experience and wisdom! :grin:
Thank you in advance :smile:

I’ve never heard of them before, but that doesn’t really mean that they aren’t legit. Nevertheless, I would be careful with them. It’s against Wattpad’s policy for publishers to contact authors directly, and you should probably report them because of this. Companies like that often pay writers much less than what their story is actually worth.


Any producer/publisher/agent/editor who sees the need to chase authors when other producers/publishers/agent/editors ar getting chased by authors is extremely unlikely to have a viable business opportunity for you. Moreover, poaching authors on Wattpad is against the rules. Please report any such scammers, they are preying on you.


@lhansenauthor @IromaVP Thanks for your advice :blush: