Villains, what's up with them?

How did you come up with your villain? What makes your villain tick? Is your villain complicated? What do you like about villains?

I am so very curious about villains as I am currently writing a couple of my own. It’d be great to see how others formulate their own.

@Amethyst_Rain & @fantasybklover You got any? Or nah?

My villain is kind of mentally unstable, he has no morality or remorse which makes him dangerous. He’s driven by power and would do anything for it. He’s an ordinary man (no superpowers or anything) but he has power and a troupe of assassins.
He’s very complicated because he does have some feelings but they are twisted and wrong. Instead of love he feels obsession. To me, it’s really hard to write that kind of character :see_no_evil:


What’s your favorite quote the evil guy?

Okay, so he made a twelve year old assassin find a friend and then that little assassin told her friend she’s an assassin. The bad guy obviously didn’t like that so he had to talk to her:

“Leannie dear, you cannot go around telling people you’ll be an assassin one day. It’s supposed to be a secret,” Salem’s voice was sweet as he stroked Kalena’s long jet black hair.
“But Layla won’t tell anyone,” Kalena said innocently.
“You’re right, she won’t,” Salem said with a smile, “because she will be dead.”
Kalena’s eyes widen in shock as she tried to process Salem’s words. Terrible realisation struck her and her little heart started pounding in fear. She was breathing frantically as she said: “You cannot kill her!”
“Oh, I won’t dear.” Salem’s voice was even as he continued: “You will.”

That last sentence is my favorite quote :see_no_evil:


My villain thinks he is the chosen one who’ll save the world
i really like playing with the chosen one trope


that sounds really cool!

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I imagined Salem saying the last line sweetly then booping her nose once with his pointer finger while saying “boop”


Lol thanks. The scariest thing is, nothing he does is wrong from his pov. Like if I wrote the story from his pov, he’d unambiguously be the hero

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that would be too cruel :joy:


I thought it was something like that. It would be cool if you did write from his pov and then you could make the biggest plot twist ever


Like in I Am Legend?

Meh. I dunno. I think it’d fit. (Makes me wonder what you’d of my villain’s scene…) (Then again, I’ve only visualized it, haven’t wrote it down yet.) (Parenthesis.)

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What’s your scene and villain? What emotions are you going for?

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I didn’t watch it so I don’t know, sorry :see_no_evil:

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I have multiple villains. There’s a collective called The Witch that’s involved in distributing a mythical drug in a highschool. There are cover ups and treachery involved within the group and my MC gets tangled up in it somehow. Ultimately, my MC’s ex, who happens to be crazy in the head because of the drug, takes on this mantle and there’s a lot of personal conflict involved.

In my opinion, character motivation and personal interest against the MC makes a great villain.

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maybe explain it?

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Lol don’t worry, I didn’t watch it either. But I know that the mc realizes he is the villain in the end, which is pretty cool

oh okay. Yeah, that sounds really cool! Kind of like the Elgin City game.

btw i’ve always dreamed of talking to the famous Roy from dumb things my friends say :joy::joy:

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What’s the elgin city game?

Ooh I’m famous now? bows Glad to entertain you (ehh there’s CONTEXT behind each of those things, I assure you)

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