✧ vision: book covers ✧ [temp close]

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hello my name is rye and welcome
to my thread dedicated to my fave
group, wayv. i’m still struggling
with the new mdc so please tell me
if did some mistake. also, let’s be f
riends! the pass is i see the vision


01. please be patient
02. do not threadhop
03. use only my given form
04. don’t be rude
05. i can deny requests

payments are a permanent follow
and a credit in your story desc.

you have 5 days to claim your
graphic otherwise it will be turned
into a premade

examples form
click me
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01. lucy pena by @hatefuls33 (delivered)
02. the animal in me by @imtotallynotokay (delivered)
03. every last regret by@xLovEtoLivEx (pending)
use this for bump
dream launch! requesting!

title: the animal in me
author: imtotallynotokay
type: [X] manipulated [ ] simple
ideas: I was thinking of having Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) with a wolf above his head and for the background I was thinking of having a forest.
anything else: I see the vision
dream launch! requesting!

title: Lucy Pena, The New Party Girl
subtitle: n/a
author: Leighyeann A. Mies
type: [x] manipulated [x] simple
ideas: if manip, please have the face claims (http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OE50TDrGbQE/UOOGFp8H7NI/AAAAAAAAACg/ij3ePIh2hEM/s1600/Elora+Local+Coffee+Shoot2.jpg | https://i.pinimg.com/originals/90/84/27/9084279d9096e3cd2b013e3f88664e1e.png | https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Mv43Hy45hr0/maxresdefault.jpg) or one of them stand on a party-like background, with neon lights and all that stuff. You can add red cups, empty bottles and all that jazz
if simple, you can have just one face claim with a colored filter and the text
in both cases, you can use these colors: https://coolors.co/a2666f-f49390-f45866-c45ab3-631a86
please use a bold serif/sans serif font
anything else: I see the vision (the story is posted on @leighyeann)
hi i think you're missing something in your form
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i would like to do your cover but i can't seem to open the links you've given me except for the coolors one. do you mind giving alternate links or maybe the names of your face claims?

Reposting links here:

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OE50TDrGbQE/UOOGFp8H7NI/AAAAAAAAACg/ij3ePIh2hEM/s1600/Elora+Local+Coffee+Shoot2.jpg | https://i.pinimg.com/originals/90/84/27/9084279d9096e3cd2b013e3f88664e1e.png | https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Mv43Hy45hr0/maxresdefault.jpg

The first fc is Elora Valdez, the second one is Macy Kate, the last one is Julia Pierce

thank you so much! please complete the payment before the delivery. :)

Followed you via @leighyeann. Please tell me if I have to follow you through here, tho.

Sorry about that I added it

dream launch! requesting!

title: Every Last Regret
author: Allie Dawn
type: [x] manipulated [ ] simple
ideas: a blonde teenage girl that is standing in front of a suburban house, or sitting or standing on steps, anything to do with the physical location of a home as the story is about foster care. Looking for something with a light but eerie feel, not too happy. Preferably the girl wearing nothing fancy, just a shirt and jeans (or something like that, you get the idea)
A girl sitting in an empty room
See picture links below
anything else: I see the vision, thanks in advance! Hope you accept :)
please complete the payment before
the delivery. :)
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i don't think i'm capable of what you're looking for. i'm sorry. :(

for @hatefuls33 hi there love, here's your cover. i
hope it's okay that i used another photo. please tell
me if you're going to use it. thanks for requesting!

I love it and I’m gonna use it. Thank you!

Payment completed

Would you consider a different idea? I understand if not

sure, sure. also, i'm not sure why but the first link you've given only goes to pinterest homepage and the other one doesn't show up. :(