Vocab Failures: In which we point out common yet tragic errors

~Welcome to Vocab Failures~

This is where we point out any sort of common writing errors; description of gestures, usage of words, phrases ect. Anything that you think makes writing awkward.

Each one, teach one

Help each other out~

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How high do you consider your standards for good writing?

  • Top Notch (Any sort of writing error drives me crazy!)
  • High (I’d drop any book I see constant writing errors in.)
  • Moderate (I’ll keep reading if the plot of okay.)
  • Low (Anything is fine.)

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Considering I’m dyslexic, it would be hypocritical of me to stop reading a book for errors given my first drafts have several sprinkled throughout because I simply don’t do enough to catch them. But if the person hasn’t at least run through spell check, I generally draw the line there.


I also sometimes see gesture errors; the way people describe facial expression and ect.

I know what they mean, mostly but some of the errors makes the writing very awkward.

What are your thoughts on that?


Depends. If it happens just once I’ll ignore it and figure it’s just a screw up. If they fairly consistently mess it up then I might try to explain where they went wrong so they could learn. It might just be they don’t know any better. On :wattpad:attpad I try to have a lot of patience. Most of us are still learning.


tfw there’s a typo in the poll but you can’t edit it




*if the plot is okay


Yup cx


Am I allowed to vote for my own thread?

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I have no idea.


Do you vote for your thread?


If you have an opinion on your poll, vote for it. I’ve voted for mine.


I voted for one of mine.


What kind of error annoys you most?

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Plot holes
  • Word usage
  • Lack of proper description
  • Lack of sufficient character development
  • Absurdity of plot
  • Cliché plots
  • Inaccurate information
  • Contradiction
  • Other (comment below if this is chosen)

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What a tough question!


Nothing bothers me more than infodumping.


ac u vote harvester


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