Votes with no reads?



So I’ve noticed something odd in the last couple of days. My chapters are getting votes (no complaints there!) but the number of views/reads doesn’t change. I’m fairly certain you have to at least open the chapter to vote for it, so I’m curious as to why reads aren’t being tallied. Or is it simply delayed? Anyone else notice this?


It’s probably delayed. The reads counter can be a little glitchy sometimes. If it continues, send a ticket to HQ and see what they say :smile:


Okay, thank you!


No problem! :sparkles:


I did


Oh yeah, this has been broken for awhile. I noticed this and the reads aren’t delayed cuz they never come.


Hey there! I’m Gabby from Support! :wave:

First, I’m sorry for any confusion caused by this and I’ll do my best to hopefully explain what is most likely happening here.

Sometimes when a story is voted on this will not necessarily mean the story will show an extra read as well. The way our reads are counted for writer statistics is that the reader must land on the story page, and then start to scroll through the page in order for our system to count it as a read. Therefore, it’s possible for a story to receive a vote from a user and not, simultaneously, receive a read. If you click on a story, vote and don’t scroll, the vote will be counted but the read will not.

It’s worth bearing in mind that we do still keep a log of how many people have clicked onto your story parts, it’s just that this information isn’t always conveyed by the ‘Reads’ statistics. It’s something we’re aware of and will continue to consider when we calculate how reads are stored in future!

I hope this helps explain this situation a bit better and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best! :blush: