Voting question

I have reason to believe someone is voting on my story (it’s showing up in notifications) but then unvoting (because my vote tally isn’t changing). Why would someone do that?

it could be a glitch with wattpad itself and the votes will show later on


To get you to check out their profile. Lots of people do that

Or, more likely, wp is glitching, as it is wont to do, and it just needs some time to update your vote count.


I have a suspicion it’s not due to a glitch. Wattpad needs to change this. or at least show the unvoting in notifications

I mean I guess but I can see how it would become a tool of harassment. Or, at least, heavy discourse.

This is the answer. It happens to me all the time; votes suddenly change after a little while. I think it’s some sort of verification system? But I have heard of this happening for multiple people; votes and reads take a while to update. No conspiracy here.


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