Voting without Reading


I appreciate anyone that supports my story, honestly. It does kind of suck when you’re like, “Wow, this person voted for like five of my chapters! Woo!”

… Then you look at the time.

And it’s all within two minutes.

… And you’re like oh. They didn’t actually like the book, they just went through and voted without reading.
So, yay I got a few more votes, but they didn’t actually care about the writing.

My question is, when this happens to you, do you feel happy that they voted or kind of annoyed that they weren’t really reading? Or both?
(Or do you think I’m just whining like a five year old?):thinking:


It’s not always a matter of ‘they haven’t read the story’. I’ve found that quite often readers will read through all in one go and then go back and vote on chapters. Or alternatively, they read offline, so their votes weren’t automatically added until they connected back onto the internet.


Adding on to HEEdwards said, people also just read at different speeds. Just as an example, I’m a really fast reader. For me, a book on kindle that says average read time is 4 hours I can normally finish in 1, especially if I enjoy what I’m reading. So personally, I can finish most chapters on Wattpad in a couple of minutes. Granted, that doesn’t apply to everyone, but I wouldn’t say they aren’t reading it if they have at least a couple minutes in between votes.


I’m the same way. If I am enjoying what I am reading, it takes me no time at all to finish something that might take someone else much longer to read.


I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. Occasionally, I calculate how many many votes my work gets against the number of reads, which right now is between six and seven reads per vote.

What gets my notice is a stupid comment. I dislike having a reader who posts a dumb comment on every chapter. I want to say: give it up!


also maybe they’ve read one chapter but don’t have time to read more right then and want to support you so they like a couple more chapters without reading them. at the end of the day votes raise the rank of your story and as the rank goes up, more people will read it, and the number of readers actually matters more than the number of votes, at least in my opinion.


I’ve definitely done this as a reader, and it’s usually because I was so busy reading and into the story that I forgot to vote. But I don’t want to just skip voting on those chapters, so I go back and get them all at the same time.

I think that unless you’re someone who engages in a lot of “vote for vote” style exchanges, then it’s likely that the person really did read your chapters.

What I find odd are the complete one-off votes on random chapters. I’ll get one vote on Chapter 38 of a story, for example. It always cracks me up, because it sends me into this ridiculous crisis of wondering if they just forgot to vote on every other chapter they read (likely) or if that one, single chapter waaaay into the book was somehow so much better, or the only one they actually enjoyed enough to vote on (unlikely, BUT POSSIBLE! Cue panic and plans for furious revisions).


I did this a lot too! In fact, I did it on one of your books :see_no_evil:

Sometimes I forgot to vote because I was too caught up in reading, so I went back and checked which chapter I haven’t voted on.
Another case, I saw a new chapter update when I was at work and I wanted to read it asap. But when I finished, again I forgot to vote :joy:
Anyway, we don’t really know what’s happening on the reader’s side, but to ease my mind, I’ll just think “okay, maybe the readers are as forgetful as me” :blush:


I read really fast, but I’ll either vote up everything afterwards or try to do it before so I can focus on the writing.


I do this- again it’s justt a read fast and also forget to vote the first time around so I end up just hearting through afterwards. Also I don’t think Wattpad is ‘super great’ with it’s updating notifications feature automatically so it might be just a delayed response on that end as well.

But I get what you’re saying getting a bunch of votes and then getting a ‘read4read message’ kinda takes the wind out of your sails.


I do much of my reading and voting on Wattpad offline because of the loud, annoying ads that break immersion. So, when next I’m online, the votes come in all at once on the book.


When I am reading a story I really like (one I want to vote on) I generally just read through it and then go back and give stars when I’m done since I get so absorbed in what I am reading.


When I like a story enough to vote on it, I usually read several chapters at a time, then go back and vote on the chapters I’ve already read. So when I see a lot of votes within a few minutes of each other on my story, I just assume that’s what the reader is doing.


I don’t do “vote for vote”, but what you said made sense


Thanks for replying everyone. Whenever I read someone’s book, I vote right after I finish with a chapter. I don’t usually go back to vote, so I didn’t think about that. Thanks! :blush:


Eh, I take what I can get. Just votes and not a dedicated reader is better than nothing.


I don’t pay attention to it much.


@KatherineShawn - I think everyone here gave you the various scenarios under which this might happen. I found it disconcerting at first too, but I think the situations here are more often the case.

Me too! It was driving me nuts until someone explained that for some, they’re just really into your story and maybe hit a particularly impactful chapter and sort of vote for the whole kit-and-kaboodle in that one vote. Or, some folks use it as a bookmark. For whatever reason, they’re not big voters but they’re enjoying the read and they use that as a way of saving their place. I don’t quite understand that one, but I guess a vote’s a vote so we’ve got to take it all in stride. :slight_smile:


Yes! This is what do. In fact, count it as a really big compliment when I spam vote! lol. I always forget to vote; I’m more into commenting as I go along. If your book impresses me and I really like it, I’ll usually read right til the end, and then I’ll be like “I forgot to vote and this is the best book!” so I’ll go back through and make sure to vote on every chapter. I have a feeling a lot of others read like I do, going through without having time to pay attention and stop. And then at the last update they get really excited and go back through to show their love!


I feel both. Although I would prefer that I didn’t get a vote when they actually haven’t read my story (I would never tell them that though xD). Although I get more reads than I do votes. So when someone votes I feel like I have actually earned it.