Voting without Reading


No, Sometimes go back and vote for chapters all in one, instead of one chapter at a time. As an author, I don’t really mind because I think a large proportion of the votes are authentic so I feel as though my writing does pay off.


Fair lol


There’s a few reasons why that might happen:

  1. They’re mass voting in the form of spam and not actually reading,
  2. They forgot to vote when they were reading, so they went back and voted,
  3. They read offline and the votes are coming in.


Probably both. Although the latter kind of stands out more than the former in my opinion. Especially since the only ones who actually vote my story are my parents. :sweat:

Also, I don’t think you’re “whining like a five year old”. First of all, trust me, I know how five year olds whine. Second of all, this happens to most of us, so don’t sweat it! :slight_smile:


When I saw this happening on a couple of my books, votes on the chapters in quick time, I actually asked a few who did it. I thought perhaps they had a reason. Each one told me that they like to read it non-stop and then go back and vote. That’s a lot of trouble and they were nice to do it. Most don’t bother. Thankfully, they did it cover to cover.


That’s nice that you were able to have that conversation with them


I do that after I finish the story. As @HEEdwards said, I usually read offline and vote but it only registers after I get a wifi connection. Also, I read all the story and then go back and vote. Mainly because I’m so absorbed in the reading that I forget to vote so then I go back


I’ve learned that many readers will put your book into their library and on reading lists and then vote on a bunch of your chapters just to connect to you. It is a website after all. Like when you are binge-watching Sia videos on YouTube, the next time you log on there are twenty more right upfront in your recommends.

These users want to connect to a good book because it will likely mean that they and their books might be recommended to your readers. It’s a compliment when this happens. People are looking to you as an aid to get noticed and get reads. And often, they do end up reading your book. The more you connect in every which way there is to do it, the more action of all kinds comes your way.