VOTING is live in Improve Your Writing!

VOTE on the most interesting topics in that category.

Each user starts with twenty-five votes.

You’ll regain votes once a thread that you’ve voted on is closed, meaning they reach 500 posts in that thread.

Whoever creates the thread which has the most votes in IYW by 8pm EST every day this week (Monday-Friday) will get to choose and name an emoji for this platform.

WHO is going to win today's emoji contest?!!!!!!
Official Club-Kiler Contest Winner
Um, hi?

Damn so no little blue bunny emojis? I’m heart broken. :broken_heart:


You can have a blue bunny emoji called PRISIM or carebear if you want IF you win :slight_smile: one of the days


So you’re saying I need to stop being a follower and actually create a thread :rofl:



(disclaimer: I do get to veto if you want to rename the Wattpad logo to your username or something similarly crazy)


how do you vote tho?


You can only vote on threads made in the IYW club.





Aw… okie