Vuela [novel]

Hi everyone! I’m Vivian. I’m new to this platform, and it took me a while to finally get this up. I hope I did this form correctly, but I do hope that you would find this pitch interesting. All feedback is welcomed :slight_smile: Thank you.

Audience: Young Adult/Teen Fiction
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Length: 65080 words (for now at least)


Have you ever been afraid to lose the little that you have after losing your parents at a young age? Try having those high walls in a future where the oceans have taken over the majority of the land that once stood and the planet’s inhabitants are either treasure hunters or treasure thieves. What if your family’s livelihood hangs in the balance of this dog-eat-dog world?
Fifteen-year-old Vuela Hawkins, the troubled daughter of an esteemed journalist, stumbles across the map that will lead her to the treasure of a childhood legend her father used to read before his tragic, premature death. In order to restore her half brother’s income, caused by the map’s accidental discovery, Vuela and her family friend, Celia Rathbone, board the Gloire Fidèle to claim their fortunes. They meet a variety of characters, including the legendary heroic captain, Delilah Kujo, the young teasing mechanic, Sora Gates, and the motherly half human, half robot cook, Latimore Savage. Vuela thinks the journey is difficult enough to keep the ship clean and the crew satisfied. It only gets harder when she learns that there are pirates in her mist. Vuela Hawkins now has to cheat death in order to retrieve the treasure she desperately needs to keep the family she has left afloat. Who can she trust? Who can’t she trust?


Main plot: In order to restore her brother’s shop and home, Vuela takes the opportunity of a lifetime to search for the legendary pirate, San Martín’s, island, where his treasure is rumored to be stored, along with the crew of the Gloire Fidèle. However, there are members who want the treasure for more selfish needs and will take down anyone else who stands in their way…brutally.


  1. Vuela’s relationship with Ms. Savage blooms into something she wished she had with her biological mother. Savage’s relationship with Vuela regains the motherly bond that was stripped away when her children were killed.
  2. Vuela learning how to find the good things about herself and form her own person instead of being known as the daughter of her famous journalist father.
  3. Vuela’s bonding with the mechanic Sora as it turns into a friendship and something more. Also, how Vuela can learn how to knock down the walls around her cold heart.
Unique notes
  • The setting of the novel takes place in an “apocalyptic” future where the planet Earth is more ocean than land. Countries are now small islands, and the difference between poverty and wealth is more prevalent. Sea travel is the most effective transportation (Think Venice in regards to water being the streets).
  • Vuela’s mother was never in her life since her prostitute mom abandoned her as a baby and it was her father and half brother who raised her. Vuela’s father was killed in an accident when Vuela was ten years old. Vuela is fifteen when the events of the novel begin.
  • This is a retelling of Treasure Island/Treasure Planet (Yes, the Disney movie)
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