W4e Cover and Banner shop

Hey fellow Wattpaders,

After a lot of thinking, I decided to open up a new cover and banner shop for you. I began to design different banners and covers when I first overtook the account from my friend. It was just for fun and pretty bad at the beginning. But since I did it for some time now, I thought why not see if someone needs new covers or banners.

Occasionally @Hannah-Laine will join me with making the requested covers.

** Form **
( note : please always fill out the form, otherwise we won’t accept your request and ask you to send the informations again via the form )
^^ Covers ^^

  • Book Name
  • Subtitle or important quote
  • Author name
  • mood of the story
  • any color preferences
  • any picture you want to have included
  • other informations

^^ Banner ^^

  • What kind of banner( promotion banner for the story or overview banner ( announcing parts like introduction )
Promotion Banners
  • book name
  • sub-title or important quote
  • color preferences
  • what should the banner include eg red my new book xy or new book by ab
  • anything else
Overview Banner
  • what kind of saying should it have eg introduction
  • color preferences
  • anything else

Who if us is active right now?

Thanks skipping trough it, enjoy the example covers and banner I mad ein the next post.

Hope you all have a great day/night

  • sswt

Example Covers

image image

Example Banners

Title: Fated
Subtitle/ Important Quote: Between the literal heaven and hell, their single tether of sanity is each other.

Author Name: KrazilySane
Mood: Adventurous, Romantic (Star-Crossed type)
Colour Preference: Not necessary but Turquoise or Warm Orange

That’s all, thanks in advance!


Accepted! One of us whip provide you with an cover as soon as possible. Please have patience.


Book Name: Powerless
Subtitle: Be careful what you wish for
Author Name: GlitchandGlitz
Mood: Dark and light contrasting, mystery
Colour Preferences: Black, white, rainbow colour wheel (where below)
Picture Ideas: Have a girl standing in front of a school, her hand glowing with the colour wheel.
Other: Could you make it so that everything except her glowy hand is black and white?


Accepted! I will start working on this and provide you with a cover asap :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Do you know about how long it will take you (a day, a couple days, a week, a month…)?


It depends on how many edits you want done :slight_smile:


Ok, I have 4 versions for you to choose from:


Here is what I came up with :slight_smile:
@writer-for-ever is also working on a cover for you :slight_smile:

Here is one with his hair darkened :slight_smile:


It’s soooo pretty :heart_eyes: THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate it very much!


Hey there, would it be okay with you to put up a poll so that other people could help me choose?


As Hanna mentioned before, I also made two covers for you.



Sure. You are more than welcome to post a poll :slight_smile:

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Here is the last cover with blue eyes :slight_smile:

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Hi! So sorry for seeing this so late, I’ve had no wifi! But the covers are AMAZING. Thank you so so much I love them!


Hey! If you’re still taking requests then I’d love to get one for my new story, your past covers seem awesome. I’m trying to get nearly halfway through the book before starting to post the chapters so, it might be a week or two before I’d use your cover. Thank you for looking over this :bluehearts:

Book Name - Tripping Over Chords

Subtitle or important quote - Just a guitar and the boy

Author name - Moe

mood of the story - Well it is romance and teenage drama twisted into one. The story itself is centered around music and the main character falling desperately in love with a boy. So, I’d say the overall mood is light and easy with a hint of that gut-wrenching guilt. It’s rather hard to describe heh…

any color preferences - If you could, I’d like to have lighter colors and a more simplistic cover. However, I’m really not that picky, go with whatever looks right to you!

any picture you want to have included - This doesn’t have to be included as it is terrible quality and I want to give you some free space but, this picture is a guide for the mc’s appearance if you needed some sort of faceclaim!
209bb9a8846ba2d5254f152240e06892_28-albums-of-curly-ginger-hair-boy-explore-thousands-of-new-brown-curly-hair-boy-aesthetic_564-564|564x564 .
(im not sure if the link will even work…oops)

other informations - None really! Thank you for reviewing this request :slight_smile:


Rainbow Eyes

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accepted! will start working on it today :slight_smile:


Something like this?

If you don’t like it, just tell me and I can take it in a whole different direction :slight_smile: