wait, you guys–no one has talked about the name


i kind of expected this to be the biggest issue.

what if Clubs were renamed to Communities?

preparing myself for…


Lol won’t get that reaction from me. For me the name isn’t as important as the people who create it. You could call it the Fluffy Sasquatch Gang and it wouldn’t matter as long as the people who make it a great place are still there.


I vote Fluffy Sasquatch Gang xD

(Kind of related - us mods used to identify as “Community Ambassadors” but we had to change that to “Club Mods/Ambs” because there’s another team (at HQ (?) (I could be mistaken about that) called “Community” and people could confuse the two?)


OH good insight!!!


I think that Clubs is as good a designation as any. Wattpad Forums is another good possibility,


Clubs or Forums. Also @xkaydotx’s reasoning for no to communities.

I’m trying to get into the minds of others, and if they’re already really resisting change, I think changing the name might just make them even more resistful.


I think the name really doesn’t matter, I’m backing @Prisim on that :slight_smile:


Im with @Panoramic and @Prisim


For me I like to stick with Clubs. It’s always been that name :heart:


I usually call them the forums, because unless a user has already been there, they don’t know what you’re talking about :joy:

But in my opinion (so, totes personal pref)

Clubs sounds outdated.
Communities is nice
Forums are bland, but easily identified

I would avoid calling them “writer communities” though since it shouldn’t be just for writers. Readers are users too!


I like that. Communities has a much more inclusive and supportive connotation.


We should have a poll and see that the score is neck and neck again like the LGBT+ club poll :joy:


Name shouldn’t matter as long as they are enjoyed by all. And we could help keep this threads troll free and spam free, by flagging anything inappropriate =]

Communities has a much more inclusive and supportive connotation.

Clubs are inclusive too :slight_smile: There’s all something for everyone. That’s why they’ve been here for a long time =]


By the way, is there any way that we can get notified if the domain changes again?


Hey Nab! Lovely pic :smiley:


Thanks Angel =]


It will probably be word of mouth again, but I know Lauren was working on an automatic redirection.


Okay :slight_smile:


I dislike clubs as it can be confusing with book clubs (the ones where you read each other’s books). I’m okay with forums or message boards or communities.


Threads, clubs, forums, communities… Loved child has a lot of names, as we say in Danish.

Anyways, it doesn’t really matter what we call them, but I am so voting for :arrow_down: