Wake Up Adventurers! Adventure Writer Chat


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Adventure writers let’s reclaim our club! What’s the best line (or best couple lines) you’ve written this week for your adventure story?

A Dawn Amongst Shadows:

The pain is in their heads, but don’t point that out to them,” she said with a huff of a laugh, “the worst thing that could happen is they spend too long in pain that their minds break and they have to be spoon-fed the rest of their days.”

Mattice’s face showed no hint of concern or shock, but his eyes did snap to capture Dema’s faster than usual. “Definitely don’t tell the boy’s mother that or she’ll kill you and me.”

Feel free to chat too because I suck at prompting people to talk. :eyes:

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I’m not writing an adventure story but I’ll make a line up. Here we go.

Honey, I’m making pancakes 'cause we’re going to the White House!


lol that sounds like an interesting adventure. Now I want pancakes :thinking:


I don’t write pure Adventure - but Fantasy Adventure :smile: Freaking love a good Fantasy Adventure.

Here’s the best lines from my WIP which is still untitled.

“Who’s this?” he asked and nodded towards me.

Artemis rose to her feet and I followed, but she stepped in front of me. “Not for you, Apollo.”

“What? What does that even mean? I was just interested in who your friend was.” He threw his arms out to the sides, the golden curls on his head bouncing with the motion.

“We came here to hunt game, not nymphs.”

Apollo rolled his eyes. “You get hit by one of Eros’ arrows once, and suddenly it’s your fault a nymph turns into a tree.”


If I wrote an Adventure book but am not writing any now is that okay? Also my current book might still turn out to be an Adventure so idk



I’m working on a full re-write of a sci-fi/fantasy adventure right now (the version I currently have on my profile suffers from wandering plot syndrome…).

Beneath the Darkened Heart (current working name)


I love all the bits of characterization you’ve fit into such a short excerpt :slight_smile:


Why, thank you :smile:


I write a trifecta of action-adventure-fantasy if that counts? I’ll post anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Your kin was responsible for the troubles we experienced. If it wasn’t for these brothers and Captain Aueralius’s men, you’d still be under a mountain of Ratshiki sh*t.” Teagan crudely reminded Samuel of something that was only known to the both of them.

NB: made the swear word user friendly :innocent: Although, not sure if it’s grammar friendly. :thinking:
Oh well.:upside_down_face:


I’d say it’s technically grammar friendly :slight_smile:

What comes before the dialogue though? The flow might work better if the “Teagan reminded…” sentence came first (otherwise, the “something that was only known to both of them” bit could read as it’s own sentence if it’s tweaked a bit).

Just a thought!


Thanks. Didn’t put much context to it. Guess it wasn’t a best example to share, but in context of the entire post, made Samuel look a bit stupid. So, it’s my favourite for this week. Cheers for that :grin:


Gotcha! I’ve written hardly anything this week…been busy with work and stuff (grr!)


I’ve been working on a story and have been pushing myself to publish a chapter once a week. I’m at 6 weeks now and I think it’s getting easier? Anyone here have a posting and writing schedule?


Good luck! :muscle:

My writing schedule is “Write when the motivation is there!”

And my uploading schedule is currently Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for a full length novel and a novella. (Finished offline)


I’m writing to a deadline, but not to a schedule.


It’s cool you can write to a schedule.:grin:


Oh I can’t. At all :joy: I just write whenever I feel like it.


I’ve come to join in! I’ve mainly been in the werewolf and vampire threads talking, but my WIP is also an adventure :calmwolf:

How is everyone!?


Just published the first chapter of my adventure story. I feel like it’s not too action-packed, but not too certain whether that’s a problem or not. So I’m simply writing it and seeing what happens.

How’s all your guys’ writing going? Are you encountering any problems?