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Working on three manuscripts at once over here. I think I’m gonna need a drink at this rate.


so, like is it your first wattpad project?


Nope, it’s stuff for official publication. My novella is already estimated for a release date, so I’m getting other projects done as soon as possible for, hopefully, earlier release dates.


you’re publishing it on Market? what was your novel’s name? again.


Yep, I’m going through traditional publishing. For the Novella that’s going to eventually hit stores, Child of Light, the whole thing is on my profile for now. Long story short, I’m basically making an entire universe.

The other 3 manuscripts are titled: A Trillion Years: Rebirth, Valkyrie: Dawn of Ragnarok, and Living Weapons: Eclipse.


you’re driving me crazy…can you just post me the link?


trying to balance writing and school :sleepy: not going well so far haha


Posting direct story links on threads is against the Club guidelines. :stuck_out_tongue: You could just search for my name on the main site. It’s the same name and picture as I have here.


I understand your pain. ;-; It’s so hard to find the time. :sob:


literally sacrificing my studying time trying to develop my plot right now rip


same here, I gotta study for my OMR test but can’t stop thinking about my story build up


The best ideas tend to come on their own (and sometimes at the worst possible times too.) Like, I once got an idea for a new plot point in the middle of a final exam.


hehe he what do you do then?


I had trouble focusing during the remainder of the exam, so I kinda just forced my way through the last of it and quickly noted the idea down on my phone afterwards.


How many times have you wrote a chapter and vanished it all then-after? :blowfish:

I did it like 3 times while writing my first wattpad story, 2 times I deleted the whole chapters and while writing the Final chapter I gotta delete half of my work :no_mouth::no_mouth:


So re: publishing traditionally, do you have an agent? Have you experienced any issues with publishers not being interested in something that has already been posted on Wattpad?

I know we could take things down, that isn’t hard, but there seems to be a bit of a back and forth about whether or not publishers do or don’t want to publish things which have been on Wattpad even though it isn’t technically “published” as in posted on a blog etc.

Basically I’m trying to figure out if once I get my novel to a point to submit to agents, will it matter whether or not it’s up here - even in a draft form?


I have a problem.

I have one story that I am not working but is posted on some other site(I won’t give the link) yet I’ve only finished the prologue. I haven’t started the first chapter yet. Now, I have ideas for a whole new story that is about a retelling of something pertaining to Greek Mythology. But making the retelling story into a military science-fiction novel. My problem is that I need to finish my other story but I really want to write the other story. My only concern with the other story is that I don’t know how to properly write military science-fiction. Yet, I still want to write it. I don’t know what I should do and that is my problem. Then I’m starting to get another idea for totally different story. I keep having ideas for stories and yet I can’t seem to stick to one. Then when I do write I always go up to chapter eight then stop when I really get into it.

Whew! That was a lot to say!


That hurt my brain :laughing: I always have multiple stories on the go. The more I try to force myself to not write the one in my head, the more it gets in the way. It’s easier just to write notes down, or the first few chapters, or whatever my brain needs me to write! Then again, I have zero writing discipline, so maybe I’m not the best influence…

Also, isn’t a large part of the point of science-fiction the fact that it can be whatever you want it to be? Look at the TV series ‘Firefly’. It’s cowboys. In space. With horses. And old-school revolvers that make high-tech noises. It makes no sense! But it doesn’t HAVE to make sense.


I’m in the middle of revision hell at the moment, but I’ll need to wait till mom is gone.