Wanna talk about each other's stories?



you writing anything so far?


one short story its not that good


any advice would really help


hey i am writing my very first book too. It might be shit but i still keep on writing it. I wanna read yours, what is the title?


pine barrens


what is it about?


so how old r u guys its ok if you dont want to say


the jersey devil


It’s a very long story. He tried to control it. He knew Haydn had a thing for him but everything was respectable but Haydn kissed him in a spur of the moment thing, Elijah lost his ever-loving mind, admitted what he’d been trying not to feel, they fucked, Elijah felt terrible about it because he’s engaged but he’s so extra he tried to starve himself until confession. Irina had enough of his bullshit, pulled an Abraham and beat on him because he was so stupid to assume she thought he was weak and was only marrying him for the money at this point. He went to confession. He got some holy objects to ward Haydn away. The priest is an amazing guy, don’t get me wrong, he was just trying to help.


I’m 20.


is that part of your story




turned 21 last month


wow it sounds great!




im 24


21 in April!


So he never really liked the guy he was sleeping with?


i really busy so i dont always have time for story writing


I got to go my peeps bye bye nice to meet uu all