Wanna talk about each other's stories?



You don’t even know how any of it started lol. What you just read is a 180 compared to the beginning. Everything was perfect for Elijah and Irina…poor Haydn…runing lives unintentionally since 200 AD.


No, he loves him. But he’s an engaged Catholic in Era London, he was trying be good lol.


:sob::sob: I really feel sorry for the girl


you too platypus human


Irina deserves so much better. Even Haydn knows it and everytime Elijah acts like an ass towars her and Haydn finds out about it, Elijah hears it from him. Haydn was a married man when he was alive and a father…my boy knows how to respect wamen.


How did he turn bi?


Haydn was always openly bisexual. He grew up in Roman-ruled Britannia from 172 AD to 200 AD when he was twenty-eight. As long as he was on top, no one would have cared lol.


I mean, I am homophobic and all but i will really try your book


Oh man, honey, you don’t have to if it’s not your thing lol.


:joy: i don’t mind as long as I don’t see it and you can only imagine what you saw


btw it is 12:00 in the midnight in my country. I really enjoyed talking to you and i hope you have a wonderful day, night, morning or afternoon


Ahhhh, see I’m a sucker for detail in almost all regard. Vampires have always been tantalizing creatures so I don’t get too heavy, I mean, I’m not tryna be 50 Shades but I’ve never been a fade to black kind of girl.


It’s 5 pm. Goodnight, Nina! Sleep well, dear!


you too :sleepy:


this thread is a little dead

someone revive it with me and talk about their story


We’ve already talked about mine, but hiii.


Already talked about mine, but it’s a romance story. Very hopeless romantic right here


I’m not going to lie, I could talk about my stories, but what’s the point? Way to many people trust what I say beyond the original meaning of what I say.

And it’s getting … extremely … tiresome.


I write in a lot of genres. Published I have a few historical fiction, Urban fantasy, retold fairy tale, and a few erotica. On here fantasy, historical fantasy, paranormal, and romance.
And one horror that I’ve been tinkering with that I may self-publish around Christmas time.


Wishing you the best of luck, fellow Heather!