Wanna talk about each other's stories?



Thanks! A lot of luck to you and your well.


Let’s start a conversation
Anyone and everyone who wants to share his thoughts of being a writer or his highs and lows on the story can start here


Random thought: No matter what I do, there’s a crippling sense I’m not succeeding fast enough. True accomplishments take time, but we are spoon-fed tales of people achieving great things so quickly and easily, and we all just want a slice of THAT pie. Or am I alone in this? lol


I completely agree with your thoughts…It takes time to be fine on this art, but just a 3 month involvement has improved me so much that I just want to keep doing it forever. I am not an author yet I just feel as a improving writer


Just gonna drop by to second this.

Also, because Firefly.


It’s SO good to hear someone else express the feeling of not succeeding fast enough.


Totally know that feeling.


Ain’t no power in the 'verse can stop me! :stars:


So what genres do you all write?


On Wattpad, I mostly write paranormal romance with YA characters.

In the secret chambers of my evil lair (wait, what?), I’m working on a space western.

What about you?


I write romance. I’m the most hopeless romance writer on Wattpad


That’s awesome! What kind of romance is your favorite? (Contemporary, fantasy, paranormal, some other genre?)


Usually young adult romance or new adult romance. Thank you!

How many reads?


How many reads do mine have? If that’s what you’re asking, not many. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’ve got like 2,000-ish reads at the most.

Or were you asking something else?


Yeah I meant how many reads you have. And that is a lot! Good job! Mine has 1.2k reads


Oh cool! We’ve got about the same amount of reads!

I suppose it is a lot, if you imagine a room full of people reading your story. :smiley:


Yeah. My friends read my story, and they hate me for the constant amount of cliffhangers I put XD


You know what I write lol. Vampires…pretty, murderous, mostly LGBT, tragic vampires.


Ahhh. Oh yeah I think I told you that I didn’t care much for vampire stories




Yeah, it’s both popular and not popular anymore lol. Like…a lot of people like them but keep it hush, hush because of Twilight so, lol