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Twilight ruined vampires and werewolves for me


Let’s see… It’s got a wanted woman, space pirates, and giant mecha spaceships. And romance. Because I love a good romance. :stuck_out_tongue:


There was a time I may have thought the same, but turns out I still love me a good vampire romance. Werewolves? Under select circumstances. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone


Hahahaha. I’m just a romance sucker






Yeah, we’re just a secret network until the Anne Rice tv show possibly dominants hulu when that comes out and that’s kinda it. Lololol you probably don’t know who that is if Twilight ruined the genre and I don’t know your general age but if you are younger than like 15, Anne’s books span 42 years and are much better recieved than Twilight ever was and was made for adults. No sparkles and being “vegetarian” was a failed effort only by one vampire and he never looked back lol.


How’d twilight do that?
Kinda loved the movie😁


Ahh ok


Because the last book destroyed my faith in humanity


Nice to meet you!


I think Twilight get’s an unfairly bad rap. Like sure the writing ain’t perfect, but seriously. I’ve seen worse. It just got more spotlight because it was so popualar. (Is?)


Was it the baby?


I’m doing pretty good and you?


Haha I feel ya there.

(The fourth book was o.O)

So yeah.


Nice to meet you too!

The name’s SVTS, but you may call me Shree


Yes my gosh. Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. I was like “ew gosh darn it she’s a damn baby!”