Wanna talk about each other's stories?



Exactly. I was like wtf kind of birth is this


Could be because Bella still had an attachment to Jacob… Kinda


A very scary one. Honestly, I praise the shit out of Bill Condon for filming that tid bit like a horror film.


I don’t know. But imprinting on her daughter is seriously perverted


I also thank Bill Condon. He made me not want to have kids


I’ve only seen the series, haven’t read the books


Agreed. Weirdest thing ever. :confused:

My theory has always been that Meyer wrote herself into a corner and then realized she had to fix the love triangle somehow–to make it seem like Jacob’s love of Bella had been leading up to something all along.

Not that doing so was a good choice.


The best part about Twilight…an unborn baby is more terrifying than the vampires.


I think she scarred everyone for life and everyone was disgusted with the imprinting thing


No a scene in a romance movie is worse than the series itself


Yep. Like, whyyyyyyyy!?


Never liked Twilight. The scene solidified my decision


It would have been one thing if imprinting wasn’t built on the intention of future romance…but it is.


Yeah if it didn’t mean that Renesmee and jacob were going to fall in love then I’d be ok. But no.


Yeah, like if it happened on its own when she was much older, alright…but to solidify the fact that there is no choice and that he knows (while she’s a baby and child) that will be his future wife is just so weird. In fact, there was another member of the pack who imprinted on the Alpha’s wife’s little cousin or neice and they were playing on the beach like, “Yay! I’m her protector and big brother but one day we’re gonna be a thing!” Noooo


The way you said that made me laugh


Ughhhhh I’m so grossed out, like…the only reason this isn’t pedophilia is because no one sexually attracted to each other yet.



I know gosh. Wait for the people to start writing fanfics about them.


PEOPLE HAVE. Like…in the future ones.

I personally don’t mind seeing them as a couple in itself but it should not have been presented and handled as it was. I wish imprinting wasn’t a thing. The wolves don’t age either. Jacob is essentially gonna be around as long as her and her entire family as long as he still phases.


repeatedly bangs head against wall