Wanna talk about each other's stories?



Anyways. Back to our books. What is currently happening in the chapter you are writing?


Ooh that’d kinda be a spoiler. But let’s just say Sophia (my FMC#1) is worried and hopeful


I think we’ve all experienced that feeling. Saying why is a spoiler though lol that sucks.


Haha I don’t do that. I like to intrigue people :wink:


Keep the mystery alive!!! Lol

Well then, if we are going the non-spoiler route…

Elijah’s feeling very angry with himself and upset by what he’s had to do this chapter but is trying push through.

Irina’s sleeping but let me tell you, she’ll wake uo feeling very upset and betrayed and won’t know why because her memory of what happened last night has been erased. I’m sorry, sweetie.

Haydn…oh my baby, I am so sorry I put you through this. You were completely blindsided by this and thought you’d come in to a loving embrace, honey!!! But then again…you did do something you knew was not right…but…Elijah is just as equally in the wrong. At least you own it.


Love the connection you have with your characters. I have a similar connection.

What genre?


You should honestly know by now. Bahaha. Haydn’s the vamp in this scenario. But officially, I call it a historical LGBT vampire romance meant be psychoanalyzed with characters on the more satirically dramatic spectrum.


Oh crap I’m so forgetful haha sorry.

I’m a hopeless romance writer, as I’ve established


Love is great lol.


Hell yeah


I was weirdly enough though, just telling someone not to treat the book as a romance but more of a character study because even though THERE IS SO MUCH ROMANCE, the psychology of why these individuals do what they do is so fascinating.

Elijah’s indecisive anxiety, his lies, his cheating, and his self-sabotaging nature are so integral to the plot.

Irina’s unwavering devotion is almost unhealthy for her because she’ll get to the point where she knows she should find a better man but circumstances and the fact that she does love him in general mess it all up to the piint where she has moments of violence against him.

Haydn’s need for love and companionship stem from his human loses, his victims are reflections of himself, his love for children and eventual murder of a 14 year old who looks like his dead son are pretty dicey moments.


Huh. That’s interesting


I even love the fact that Irina’s father, Abraham, and Haydn are parallels in regards to loss and grief. How each man handles loss is very different but the one thing they do share is that they bottle up that grief until something triggers their emotions. And they depise each other.


Really? Wow your story sounds super interesting


Well thanks! The vampire aspect to the story mostly only applies to Haydn (and Elijah in Part 3) but a lot of it is centered on these messed up individuals then that.

What about you?


what do you mean? What’s my story about?


Yeah lol


Ok my story is about three friends (Ray, Sophia, Victoria) who never imagined that they’d be in their current positions now. I quoted Carl Sagan, and it was “Imagination will often carry us to worlds we thought never were. But without it, we’d go nowhere.” I asked, “How will their imaginations help or hurt them this time? And what worlds will their imaginations carry them to?”


Ohhhh so like actual different worlds than our own?


No it’s like their imaginary worlds