Wanna talk about each other's stories?



So, their imaginations get them into some trouble?


That’s for me to know and for you to find out :slight_smile:






hey there




:joy: I appreciate how this transitioned from Twilight back to your books


Because Twilight really freaking sucks


I hate Twilight with a passion


I do too


I’m writing a Science Fantasy novel that has to deal with human experimentation, rivaling nations at war, a dead monarch, a King who rules over all six nations that are ruled by other monarchs, and an explosion. There’s magic, too. The sad part is? I don’t know how to write my first chapter…


I just wrote one of the saddest parts in my book and I upset myself


And the conversation’s back :joy:


I feel that on so many levels!


Honestly, the way I get through that is just to start writing. You may end up hating what you wrote, but it gets the ball rolling… ya know?


I always publish a character thinking its perfect and then I’ll randomly think of something to add to it :expressionless:


That’s true. From the time I wrote that, I ended up taking your advice before you even saw it. It’s something… I ended up hiring a beta reader, because I needed someone to read over it. Looks like I can’t, because my thread got closed.

[points to a different direction] Off to find another way!


After I wrote I just laid down in bed and thought about what I just for ten minutes


WhAt is the most insane thing you did to promote your story or to not leave writing?


To promote my story, I really don’t know. But to make myself not leave writing, I guess I never really lacked the desire to leave. For my book, I just remembered that I loved doing what I did and that no one was going to stop me. And I also remembered that if I stopped writing my book my friends would literally shred me to pieces