Wanna talk about each other's stories?



<---- makes projectmyst a screwdriver. :slight_smile:


My stories here on Wattpad are re-creations of video games I found enjoyable. So far I have Five Nights at Freddy’s and Undertale going, and I plan to add Sonic Adventure 2 and Deltarune to the list once I’m done with those.


I’m finally where I wanna be at with my novel, so I’m happy. Updating and writing chapters may be a bit slow, given my circumstance. I have a deadline, which is somewhere around April of 2019. I’ve been planning different projects, like this Christmas story I wanna write about Santa being an infidel. That’s set for December 2020. Sometimes, I don’t know how a chapter is supposed to go, but it’s starting to write itself out. As I read over it, I can hear the voices of each of my characters. It’s so wonderful.


that is always a good thing… this talking about stories I mean.


Finally feeling content with what you’re writing is suuuuch a good feeling, I’m happy for you! I’ve recently hit the same stride (sort of) in my current work, and it feels so good because it makes you excited to write. When you have fun writing, you know readers will have a blast reading so it’s a win-win.


yesss, i really agree


I’m writing chapter 53 of my story right now. It’s flowing pretty well so I’m happy.


I agree


That’s awesome! I’m on chapter… 33 or 34. I forgot


I loose cunt of my chapters, I just write till nothing comes. then I think about how much more story there is to tell. what are you guys writing about?


Mine’s a romance story. It’s about 3 friends who never imagined that they’d be in their current positions


interesting have you got a name for it yet?


I do. I’ve already published it. It’s called I Never Imagined


Ooo! I really like that book title!


Thank you!


This is where outlines will save your stories and you sanity.

Index cards, Scrivener, notepad - something you’ll use to take notes. Some stories need to ‘cook’ in the back brain for months before we are ready to work them out.


. Hey Anybody?


Sure thing!
I’m writing Undying, a lesbian vampire romance with a lot of action in it.


ain’t that the truth. The story I’m working on now has sat in my mind for over a year just building up with ideas and characters, I’m glad I’m finally ready to write this thing.


I had writer’s block for 4 years and lost all of my wattpad traction, now I’m in the midst of a new story after suddenly having a burst of wanting to write again, but I’m worried it’ll leave me like it before - writers block really does creep up on you, it sucks.